Friday, April 2, 2010

Diamond blade

Building a patio is not easy especially if you do it by yourself. You need someone's help who are specialize on this area a professional carpenter. But since we are not in hurry to build our patio and my husband just do it by himself and of course with my help. I am sure it will takes a year before we finish building our patio. Mike already put wiring in it and insulation. It just need to cover the wall and put ceiling fan in it. We still need to put tiles in the floor that match the tiles in the kitchen. We have all the woods we need for the wall, we just need time to do it. Since the weather is not very good this past few weeks, its raining and cloudy and mike is busy at his work schedule too, that's why he never had a chance to finish it. I am sure it will look very nice, we have lot of plans in this small room. Actually we are thinking about getting another TV in that room.

Anyhow, I was thinking maybe he need to get a new diamond blade for cutting glass, concrete or ceramic materials. I am not sure if he has one in the garage. I never seen it though since he started building the patio. Maybe I could ask him then, because if he don't have, maybe I can recommend him this diamond blade from They have great selection of their circular saw blades.

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