Monday, April 26, 2010

Go for a ride...

Kids was sick last week and I'm glad they are better now. Yesterday, Mike decided to take us for a ride at Montrose and do our shopping there. We had great day because the weather was nice and it really fits in our mood. My husband is in good mood and so do I. The kids was okay but Dana is not cooperating. She keeps crying in her car seat, she can't wait to get out. I know she can't stay longer in her car seat but when we get there, she stop crying and she get excited to get out and walk around. We went to JCPenny and buy some clothes for the kids. Mike got his new pants and I got my new pants too. I'm glad I found my size because mostly it's hard to find a jeans with my size and I need to go to junior section to find it. I got the size 0 boot cut short jeans. It's perfect length for me and it really fits well. Maybe I will buy another jeans in JCPenny next time.

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