Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Her new swimsuit...

Summer is past approaching and guess what? Dana is ready for summer! We bought her a pink swimsuit last Sunday at JCPenny, Montrose. She's 14 months old and I got the 18 months size. It's perfectly fit to her. She really love her new swimsuit, she can't wait to go for swimming! Since, we are far away in the beach, we are planning to buy a small little pool for her and Dustin, that way they can play outside the backyard and have fun swimming. I already bought a swimsuit a year ago and I don't need a new one. I found nice swimsuit at the store but I don't think they will be look good to me since I am not used to wear two piece. I love summer and I can't wait to see my little one swimming wearing her new swimsuit.

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