Saturday, April 17, 2010

My little boy not feeling well...

I was getting ready this morning to go out in service but suddenly I heard Dustin crying and tell me that his not feeling well. His tummy hurts and he wants to throw up. It worries me, so I decided not to go and call our sister that I couldn’t make it today because of Dustin’s condition. Dustin never get sick a lot. Just like me, when I don’t feel good and have headache, I throw up and feel dizzy. Dustin feel the same way. Hopefully this is not the symptoms when he has concussion 2 weeks ago. I need to keep an eye on him because when it get worst, maybe we will make another appointment and let the Doctor check him up again. As for my little girl Dana, she’s doing good. She’s happy and she always wants to go outside to play. I can’t play right now outside because I am watching Dustin, maybe this afternoon we will if Dustin will get better.

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