Thursday, April 22, 2010

Putting the dry wall together

Putting the drywall in our patio is not easy when there's only one doing it. My husband can't do it by himself unless he'll do it in the side wall, but in the ceiling? It's hard. Well, I am here to help him, even though I am not strong enough to lift the dry wall but with my husband's help, we did it together. She bought me a work gloves so that I can help him in the time at this, especially putting dry wall. Carrying wood without work gloves is not good. I might get hurt my hands and get splinters. Anyhow, we're done putting the dry wall in the ceiling and side wall and only one side need to work on. Maybe this weekend we will work it together and buy more dry wall so that we can finished it all. Then we can put tapes to cover the lines and then paint it. It's kind a lot of work but helping each other as a couple is fun.

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