Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dana wearing Dustin car slipper

Dustin is supposed to wear his car slipper but Dana steal it from his brother. Dana, that slipper is way to big for you! She knows how to walk with that big slipper. She loves it! but this car slipper is for your brother, we will buy you different one okay? You silly girl...

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helpful information about wrinkle cream

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Dana inside the drawer

I was busy playing farmville online and I just heard Dana calling me Mama, when I went to the bedroom, this is what I saw! Dana is inside the drawer. She went there by herself but she don't know how to get down that's why she's calling me. What a silly girl...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Interesting car insurance blog

While I'm doing research about any kinds of car insurance, I bumped to this website at They have great articles, its very interesting. The topic that really caught my attention is the article title Insurance Brief: Most Dangerous Cities for Drivers. I never been to those cities before but since I know now that this Cities are one of the dangerous cities for drivers, then better not to go there. It's safe for me and for my family if we will not drive to those cities. Thanks for the information! This is a nice car insurance blog I visited. Maybe I will recommend it to some of my co-bloggers and friends.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


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Does 7dfbx really work?

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Dana new sunglasses

I bought Dana sunglasses at Family Dollar. She's the one who took it and when I put it on to her, she started to like it, she even don't want to take it off. Now she's very happy with her new sunglasses. She wear it everywhere we go. Here are the photos of her with her new sunglasses. Does she looks so adorable? She's a sweety pie!

lose weight fast!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

exterior shutters

I noticed that some houses has exterior shutters. Our house doesn’t have but we would like to get one if we finished building our patio. It’s a good finishing touch in the window. It really looks fabulous! I admired those houses that has exterior shutters. Just like the pictures I’ve seen at Their exterior composite shutters is long lasting and affordable and they offer a free shipping on most orders over $199. Our friend just remodel their house, I’m not sure if they will also remodel their windows and add exterior shutters. I can’t wait to see the new look of their house, I am sure it looks different now.

In the Philippines, I’ve never seen houses that has exterior shutters, well maybe in some other places they have. Most houses I’ve seen in the Philippines are European Style, maybe American Style houses are not popular. We look houses in the Philippines last 2007 but we never find the one we like. I don’t think my husband would love to live in the City where I live but will see. For me, I would love to live in my hometown because my family, relatives and friends are there. Can’t wait to see them next year!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

At the Park...

I was bored Thursday morning around lunch time. I look outside and it was sunny, the weather is perfect to go to the park. I called my husband and ask him if it's okay if I can go to the park with the kids and he say Yes and he told me to be careful. I didn't stay that long at the park, I just let the kids play for couple minutes. I saw some kids with their mom too, they slide with their kids so I was thinking maybe I can do that also. I am sure Dana would love it. I slide with Dana and I also having fun! I feel like I am a kid too! hehe :-) When everyone starting to go, we decided to go also, I don't want to stay alone with my kids at that park. We had lunch at burger king and we eat in the car. We went to the Bookstore after we had lunch, I let Dustin and Dana play at the playing area, they love to play train at the bookstore. When we get home, Dana is already sleeping so I had a chance to clean the house and do the laundry.

Car Sick...

While I’m driving going to my dental appointment in Fruita. Dustin got sick in the car. He only eat cereal that morning and juice to drink. He says that he wants to throw up. I’m glad that my Pinay friend is with me that time, so I don’t need to go in the back. I just pull up the car so that he can throw up in a plastic bag. He really don’t feel good, his sweat is very cold and he is pale. I was kind a worried but he say that he is better after he throw up his food. Well, he has that problem before, he throw up while we’re driving. He had a car sick. After my appointment, we eat lunch at the Mall and he say aloud that he is feeling better after he eat his chicken. What a silly boy! He also give a hug that old lady sitting behind us. He is such a friendly guy and he loves to give hug to everyone especially to old people. He thinks that everyone is like her grandma.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dana riding to his brother

Look how cute they are together. I'm glad they get along very well. Dustin love to please her little sister and at this photo, Dana love to ride at his back. He doesn't mind at all and sometimes he complain that Dana is heavy hehe :-) He is wearing his Daddy's socks. It doesn't match huh? Dana seems so happy riding his big brother. What a good brother you are Dustin! Love you both!

What's your credit score?

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My friend and I talking about netbooks since she’s planning to get one this summer. I got my netbooks last year on December 2009. This is Mike’s anniversary gift for me. She ask me if what kind of netbooks I had and if I knew a website where they offer a great deal for netbooks. I recommend her the netbooks at because they offer a very good deal and it’s free shipping too. She can get the netbooks she likes for only $300-$400.

Friday, May 7, 2010

pull up bar

When was the last time we went to the gym? I can’t remember, maybe a year ago? or two years ago? I’m not sure. We cancel our membership because we don’t have time to visit the gym and also I’m busy watching our kids. The things I missed going to the gym is their indoor pool. My husband likes to do the weights to build muscle. We own a treadmill before but we sell it when we have garage sale. Anyhow, since I’m talking about building muscle here, I found this new exercise bands at This pull up dip stand, “Power Tower” package is their best offer and it includes the dip bar, pull up bar and the push up rings and guess what? you can save $120 off the retail price. You better check it out and see what I am talking about.

Dana eating...

This is what happen when you let your child eat by themselves. They making a lot of mess! Dana is very independent, she likes to do with her own. When we're having dinner, she refuse the food I gave to her and she wants to feed herself. So what happen? I let her do it and look what she did? She still cutie! I will clean it up after she eat as long she's happy! :-)


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Last month, when we went to the doctor for Dustin and Dana's check-up, I noticed this baby that has a really bad eczema. They are sitting beside us in the waiting area. I'm glad Dana didn't have those bad eczema when she was little. I felt really bad for the baby, I bet he's having hard time with those eczema all over his body especially in the face. Hope the doctor will help him to get rid of those eczema. There are many eczema treatment in the market today and hope they can find the right one.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Little Climber

Dana just turn 14 months last 26th of April. She is very hyper. She loves to climb in the chair, table, bed and in the bathtub. I captured this video two days ago when she's climbing at the table trying to reach all those papers and pens. She did pretty good but it scares me a lot. I'm scared because maybe she might fall. I'm glad nothing happens to her and she seems happy. We called her a little monkey lolz :-)