Saturday, May 15, 2010

At the Park...

I was bored Thursday morning around lunch time. I look outside and it was sunny, the weather is perfect to go to the park. I called my husband and ask him if it's okay if I can go to the park with the kids and he say Yes and he told me to be careful. I didn't stay that long at the park, I just let the kids play for couple minutes. I saw some kids with their mom too, they slide with their kids so I was thinking maybe I can do that also. I am sure Dana would love it. I slide with Dana and I also having fun! I feel like I am a kid too! hehe :-) When everyone starting to go, we decided to go also, I don't want to stay alone with my kids at that park. We had lunch at burger king and we eat in the car. We went to the Bookstore after we had lunch, I let Dustin and Dana play at the playing area, they love to play train at the bookstore. When we get home, Dana is already sleeping so I had a chance to clean the house and do the laundry.

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