Saturday, May 15, 2010

Car Sick...

While I’m driving going to my dental appointment in Fruita. Dustin got sick in the car. He only eat cereal that morning and juice to drink. He says that he wants to throw up. I’m glad that my Pinay friend is with me that time, so I don’t need to go in the back. I just pull up the car so that he can throw up in a plastic bag. He really don’t feel good, his sweat is very cold and he is pale. I was kind a worried but he say that he is better after he throw up his food. Well, he has that problem before, he throw up while we’re driving. He had a car sick. After my appointment, we eat lunch at the Mall and he say aloud that he is feeling better after he eat his chicken. What a silly boy! He also give a hug that old lady sitting behind us. He is such a friendly guy and he loves to give hug to everyone especially to old people. He thinks that everyone is like her grandma.

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