Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dana riding to his brother

Look how cute they are together. I'm glad they get along very well. Dustin love to please her little sister and at this photo, Dana love to ride at his back. He doesn't mind at all and sometimes he complain that Dana is heavy hehe :-) He is wearing his Daddy's socks. It doesn't match huh? Dana seems so happy riding his big brother. What a good brother you are Dustin! Love you both!


Jes said...

ang cute nilang tignan sis! =) i also have two kids and gurl n boy din sila....halos same age nga lang...=)
I love this template of yours ung nakakalagay ng pics ehhehe =) if you notice my blog kasi more on our pics tlga =) i so love pictures namin eh ehehhe =) thnks!

Sherry said...

so cute hehe.. first time here, come by from jess blog :D