Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer dress...

These are all Dana's new photos taken last week of June 22nd. She's wearing the summer dress I made for her. This is the same style as the pink dress and the purple flowery dress. Open in the back and a very comfortable clothes to wear. Dana loves it and she so happy with her new dress! This is perfect for summer especially with the hat she wear on! She is such a cutie pie!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Push bars

Driving a big truck scares me sometimes. Even though people tried hard to drive safely, they still never know what will happen in the road. There are many reckless driver out there! Last year we got an accident when a young girl hit the back of our truck. She’s busy talking in the phone while driving and not even look the car in front of her. Good thing our truck is big and just a little bit of damage in the back unlike her car, it really crashed and damage her head light.

Anyhow, I drove our truck this afternoon, I went to the store to buy some food. While I park the truck, I saw this truck the same as ours and have a nice push bars in front of her truck. Wish we had one, I heard that push bars provide the protection and defense you need. If you are looking for bull bars, push bars and grille guards, I will absolutely recommend They have great selection of grill guards and more!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Another pink baby dress!

Sewing is part of my hobby. I love making clothes to my little girl. I try to make my own design and try to figure it out myself without any pattern. I am lazy to make pattern, I just draw it and measure it directly to the fabric, do the cutting and then sewing... I finished this dress last night and I try it on to Dana this morning and look at her! She looks so pretty in pink!

Pink baby dress...

This is another dress I made for Dana, the same style with the white and purple flowery dress. Cute and adorable! She's playing my laptop while I took this photo. She loves to watch her video and her photos. Such a cutie pie!

White purple baby dress...

Pretty white and purple flowery dress. Dana wearing it already! I finished sewing this dress yesterday and I made another one with the same design but different color. Isn't she adorable? This is my favorite of all the dress I made! It looks like we bought it in the store! I think I did a good job with this dress. If you love it you can get it for $10! I can make more of this if your interested to order. The size is 18-24 months. Thanks!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

door chime

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MP3 players

Listening music is what I always do when I get bored. I mostly listen music online in YouTube or play farmville at facebook. We have MP3 players from Zune but we are not using it anymore. My husband bought that a year ago, he bring it to work so that he can listen music while working then he stop using it. I would love to use it, I just need to charge the mp3 and download new musics. I need to find and use it or else the money we paid for that will be wasted.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The clothes I made today...

I have a few yard of fabric left and I came up with this design. A tube blouse in the top and a short. I need to make an adjustment for the short because it's not tight enough in Dana's waist. Sewing Dana's clothes makes me busy for the day, she took a long nap and I finished the clothes before she woke up. Here are the photos...

She's wearing it!

This is the dress I made for her. I finished it yesterday and I made a new one today. She's wearing it already and it fits perfectly. She looks adorable in her blue dress. I also made her an underwear that match in her dress. I'm glad I did it right. Trying to figure it out myself since I don't have any pattern with me.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cancel our Hotel Reservation...

Yes, you heard it right, we cancel our hotel reservation in Pueblo for our upcoming convention this weekend. It’s hard in our situation because our kids are sick, it’s not good for them to travel when they are not feeling better. It’s not good to take Dustin because he has problem also in staying in a car for a long drive. He throw up and get dizzy easily. We will try to go in Loveland this year for our convention. We still need to find out the schedule. My husband cancel our hotel reservation yesterday and also he called the pet sitter to cancel our deal. Since we won’t make it this month, hopefully we can make it in Loveland.

Thank God he is better!

Worried is what I feel every time my kids get sick. I know all moms out there feel the same way. Dustin was sick since last week and he get better this morning because I noticed that he has more energy now to play with her little sister. He is laughing now, he play with Dana and he is not laying in the bed anymore and feel weak. Thank God he is better, he is sleeping right now and I can hear him snoring so loud. I bet he is so tired of playing with Dana this afternoon. All I want is to see my kids healthy and happy.

I didn’t have enough sleep for a couple of days because Dustin throwing up couple times at night and he keep asking water too. Just a little bit noise he make while sleeping wakes me up right away and I always checking his temperature to go down. We took him to the doctor last Monday because his fever went up to 104.2. This is his first time that he got a very high fever. That scares and worries me a lot. Hope I wont get any adult acne because of lack of sleep. Anyhow, the important right now is that Dustin's better and his happy as he is!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Sick again...

Last week, Dustin got a fever and runny nose, then after few days, he started to get better but he is coughing littl bit. He seems okay when we took him on service last Saturday and because of the hot weather, he wants to go back in the car right away because he is sweating a lot and he said he feel dizzy. When we get home in the afternoon, he wants to swim in his little pool, so we let him enjoy his little pool. He stay a little bit long in the water and when his done, he looks very tired and sleepy. In the next day, that was Sunday morning, Him and Dana went to their pool for a little while to play in the water. Then we went to our Sunday meeting in the afternoon around 1:00pm. He took a nap while the meeting started, he snores a lot and he seems have problem breathing. This morning we took him to the doctor because he has high fever last night, his temperature is 102.7 degrees. We got his medication for his ear and for his sinus and fever. We need to keep an eye on him because if he still sick until Thursday, we might cancel our hotel reservation and cancel our trip going to Pueblo for our upcoming Convention. But will see...