Thursday, June 24, 2010

Push bars

Driving a big truck scares me sometimes. Even though people tried hard to drive safely, they still never know what will happen in the road. There are many reckless driver out there! Last year we got an accident when a young girl hit the back of our truck. She’s busy talking in the phone while driving and not even look the car in front of her. Good thing our truck is big and just a little bit of damage in the back unlike her car, it really crashed and damage her head light.

Anyhow, I drove our truck this afternoon, I went to the store to buy some food. While I park the truck, I saw this truck the same as ours and have a nice push bars in front of her truck. Wish we had one, I heard that push bars provide the protection and defense you need. If you are looking for bull bars, push bars and grille guards, I will absolutely recommend They have great selection of grill guards and more!

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