Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thank God he is better!

Worried is what I feel every time my kids get sick. I know all moms out there feel the same way. Dustin was sick since last week and he get better this morning because I noticed that he has more energy now to play with her little sister. He is laughing now, he play with Dana and he is not laying in the bed anymore and feel weak. Thank God he is better, he is sleeping right now and I can hear him snoring so loud. I bet he is so tired of playing with Dana this afternoon. All I want is to see my kids healthy and happy.

I didn’t have enough sleep for a couple of days because Dustin throwing up couple times at night and he keep asking water too. Just a little bit noise he make while sleeping wakes me up right away and I always checking his temperature to go down. We took him to the doctor last Monday because his fever went up to 104.2. This is his first time that he got a very high fever. That scares and worries me a lot. Hope I wont get any adult acne because of lack of sleep. Anyhow, the important right now is that Dustin's better and his happy as he is!

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