Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I missed...

I missed our running treadmills. We sale it when we have garage sale last year. We use the money to send my family expenses for my younger sister’s condition. She was sick that time and they really need help. I want to do the best I can to help them out financially. But it’s too late now, my sister gave up and losing her is hard for me especially that I am far away with my family. But at least I did something to help out for her medication and operation. Anyhow, it was a sad story but I need to get back on track. Mike and I need to work out and stay in shape. We need to get back in our healthy lifestyle like before. As for now, I don’t have problem with my weight because I still look the same. But in time when I stop nursing my little girl. I am sure I will gain more weight. So I better do some workout.

My kiddos...

This photo taken yesterday in our backyard. Me and my kids having fun playing in our little playgrounds that my husband make for my little boy Dustin. Dana is getting silly and since they want me to get the camera and take a photos of them together. So here is the nice shot of them both. They are so adorable. Love them both!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

ipad warranty

Are you sure you got the ipad warranty when you buy your ipad? If you didn’t get the warranty, how you can protect your ipad against accidental damage? What if your kids playing with it and fell in the floor and breaks? You’ll never know. You know how much the ipad is, it’s not cheap. So you better by a coverage now for your ipad. If you don’t know where to buy coverage for your ipad then no worries, visit and buy coverage now!

new karaoke player!

Mike bought me another karaoke machine. It is a portable karaoke player with lyrics screen and USB port. He bring it home yesterday afternoon and it was very surprising because he didn’t tell me that he will get me one. Our old karaoke machine still work, it just need a new microphone. Well, it’s been a while since I didn’t use our karaoke. I’m kind a missing it and now I try the karaoke and it works pretty good. It also works with mp3 players like ipod. I download mp3 songs yesterday and transfer it to my digital karaoke, I need to add more songs because the 250 free songs they have is not familiar to me, its old and most of it are just for kids. Its nice if we own an ipod. That way I can download more songs in the ipod and connect it to my digital karaoke. But I don’t know what ipod to use, good thing my friend recommend me this ipod reviews.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Me and Dustin moment - In the Swing!

Dustin was heavy! My leg was sore after we swing together, but it doesn't matter. We had fun together! Dustin love's it! Hold on tight!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

about lipozene

What you know about lipozene? How does this work? Is there any side effects with it? Is it worth paying for? or this is like other diet pills that trick many people? When it comes to diet pills, my husband and I always make sure that we read the consumer review first before buying the products. This help us learn about the products, reading consumer reviews is very important. So if you are not sure about the products then don't buy it. I heard lipozene on TV and I told my husband about it and I also do my own research and here's what I found out. Thanks to lipozene reviews for the information.

Want to go out...

My daughter Dana keep bothering me in her. She wants to go outside really bad since she saw a lot of birds eating in the bird seed. I am not done with my assignments yet and I still need to finish 8 more tasks. Anyhow Dustin also wants to play his online games so I will let him do it while I will try to calm Dana down because she was really screaming right now, i'll do the rest later.

best acne treatment

I've seen some advertisement about acne treatment but I still had a doubt either I will believe what they are saying or not. My husband told me that I am very naive believing what I saw on TV. I told him, well there's nothing wrong if I will try it, there's nothing to lose except just few bucks, if it doesn't work then try other treatment. My friend also recommend me the best acne treatment in the market but still I am kind a hesitate until I read the consumer review online. It helps me a lot to decide which one is right for me and I think I will try the top rated acne treatments that I found online at

lsat prep

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bump in her lips...

Well, it happens all the times that when kids are over played, they got hurt after especially when they started to get tired. Last Tuesday around 7:00pm, Dana was riding Dustin's car and I am still eating dinner that time. I just heard her screaming and crying so loud. Dustin is accidentally hit the car with the little stroller and Dana fell in the car and hit her mouth in the floor. She got a big bump in her lips, it scares me when I saw those blood dripping in her shirt. Thank's God it's not that serious, she calm right after when I nursed her and the blood stops. She keep touching her lips though, I think she really felt those big bumps in her lips. She's okay now and happy as well, I'm glad she recover fast.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Get the size goal you wanted!

Doesn’t make you feel good when you reach your goal of loosing weight? You get so excited to find new clothing for your new size. When you reach your size goal, it makes you feel so fabulous, like a success. You started to love your new body, you feel sexy again. Dressing up yourself into a nice dress that perfectly fit on you. I think most women wants to feel that way. Anyhow, I hear that Lipofuze is one of the top rated diet pill in the market. They have one perfect formula that really lose 10 pounds in 7 days. It clinically proven ingredients, long-term results, attacks fat cells, 100% natural and safe and money back guarantee. If you never tried lipofuze before, you better start taking it now and get that size goal you wanted!

dark under eye circles...

Lack of sleep is one of the reason when you have dark under eye circles. Way back in the Philippines where I lived. I always go home late and sleep 4 to 5 hours twice or trice a week especially on weekend. Every time I go to work, my workmate always says “Fe you didn’t sleep enough today! You look tired and sleepy! Where did you go last night?”. Lot of questions and comments but I just ignore them. I look terrible when I look tired, people thinks that I drink alcohol or something but I wasn’t. I just had long night with friends, watching live bands or staying all night at the cafĂ©. I’m just thankful that I stopped doing all those stuff. I am far away from my home town now and staying home with my kids and husband is my priority, taking care of them and try to be a good wife and mother to my children.

Me and my kids!

These are our new photos for this month of July. I took this photo yesterday, I was cooking dinner and my kids playing with their little car. They are laughing and giggling each other, so I was thinking to take a picture of us. Dustin is so silly at this photos, he always open his mouth every time I say Cheeeeeze!

always forgot...

Is taking vitamins is part of your daily routine? Mine is not because I always forgot to take my vitamins. I take my vitamins once in a while. Sometimes I am lazy to take vitamins or any kind of medication. I only take it if I really don’t feel well. With my kids, I make it sure that they took their all natural vitamins everyday. They are more important to me than anything else. Actually my husband reminds me to take my vitamins because I need it since I am still nursing Dana. Thanks for telling me! Now I need to make it sure that I take my vitamins after breakfast or lunch.