Tuesday, September 28, 2010

wrinkle treatments

I went to the store two days ago and I was looking for a night cream because I ran out. I like the night cream that I usually used every night, it softens my skin and I look younger than my age! I see some wrinkle treatments also and I was thinking maybe when I get old and if the wrinkles started to show up in my face and forehead, I will absolutely use one of their product. Well, I didn't stay too long at the store because I only need few things. I'm glad I got the one I need!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Look at the body in the above photo. Is she look amazing? Look at that flat abs and curvy hips. Perfect in every curve. All women love to have this kind of body. How we can get this perfect body? Go to Gym everyday, eat healthy foods? It’s easy to gain weight but it’s really hard to lose weight. Have you heard the natural diuretics? They have good information about fighting off extra water weight. If you want to cut down on extra weight and get those unwanted bloating? Maybe diuretic can help! Visit their website for more details!

Love of my life!

This is a cute photo of my husband and two kids Dustin and Dana. We are about to go to Meeting that night but before we go, I need to take a family photos of all of us. Dana's hair was so funny, it standing up! Dustin look good, very good looking little guy. Daddy too is so handsome, nice smile :-) They are the love of my Life!

mens vitamins

Taking vitamins everyday is very important. I have a problem of forgetting to take my vitamins, good thing that I remember it this morning. I need to get vitamins for my kids since they ran out already. I bet Mike need his vitamins too. I saw him taking his vitamins everyday and I think the vitamins he had is one of the best vitamins for men. So if you are looking for mens vitamins, you better check out

weight loss diet pills

How many weight loss diet pills have you tried? Is there one of them that you think really works? How much did you all spend for those weight loss pills? Hundreds or thousands? Well, people really spend so much just to get their weight goal. You can’t blame them, they just want to feel good about themselves and as long their happy, that’s all that matters. So far, I am happy with my weight and the way I look. I am not perfect but I am happy of what I have right now. The important for me is my husband, kids and my family. They are everything to me.

most popular diet pill ingredients

When we buy things from the store like food, medication or weight loss pills. People are really concern about the ingredients. My husband look the ingredients first before buying things. If he’s not familiar with the ingredients, he research it online or ask help to anyone at the store. I don’t read the ingredients, I just buy the products without knowing what particular ingredients on that product. Anyhow, I was browsing online about diet pills and find out that hoodia is one of the most popular diet pill ingredients on the market and it popularized 60 minutes episode on assignment to South Africa. Very interesting ingredient, I saw the photo and it looks like a weird plant. What do you think? To know what it is, visit and look for the article about The Lowdown on Hoodia.

Visiting a friend

I was out this morning to pick up my prescription and do grocery shopping too after. My husband saw me and he says hi to us. He bought his lunch at City Market and we are about to go when he came out from the store. While driving, I called my Filipina friend and ask her if she is available. Just in time because she need someone to pick her up after work because her husband went for hunting. After I load all the grocerys, I went to St. Mary's Hospital and pick up my friend. We went to one of our Pinay friend too and stay there for couple of hours. We had great time and the kids enjoy playing her little boy. Maybe we will go back again next week and do chit chat! :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

office furniture

Are you planning to buy office furniture? At, they have great selections of their office furniture and it’s free shipping too. Actually I find the one I like, it will be perfect in our computer room. That’s the wood veneer office desks. Same color as our chest in the bedroom. So if you want to replace your old office furniture, you better get a new one at They have everything you need from education furniture, desks and work centers, filing and storage, computer furniture and more!

blackhead remover

Having blackheads in your forehead and nose is really irritating. I suffer acne and blackhead before but because I use blackhead remover and other face moisturizer and cream, it clear it up right away. I still have little bit but its already visible. You can hardly see it if you don’t see it closely. There are many blackhead removal and acne treatment you can find in the market but before you decide which one to buy, you need to make your own research first and read reviews on each product. Recommendation from your friends might help too. I have a friend that recommends me the type of blackhead remover that she’s using and I wasn’t sure if I will try it since I don’t have any blackheads and acne at all.


Right now, I am not worrying about my weight so much because my weight still the same when I was single. Nothing change, I think I only gain weight when I get pregnant and when the baby came out, my body go back to normal. Well, I am just fortunate to be able to maintain my weight. My husband told me that if I stop nursing Dana, I will surely gain weight. I am very aware about my diet and if ever I gain weight? I know what diet pills to take.

My kiddos moments!

We are getting ready to go for a ride and while were waiting for my husband and mother in law to come out, I was thinking to take some photos of my kiddos. They are so cute, they are just sitting in the pavement and waiting. Dana is really holding on her ball. She don't want to let it go, we bring the ball anyway to make her happy :-)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

need a new one...

It's been a month since we didn't use our humidifier, seems like there is something wrong with it, it doesn't work right. My husband already clean and change the humidifier filters but still doesn't work. Well, maybe we need a new one and throw this one away. If you are looking for a filters on your humidifier, then look no further because has all the filters you need. They have top selling products and brand name filters at sale prices! So what are you waiting for? Visit and check the hot deals!

Dana and Dustin moment...

Love to watch my kids playing together. They get along really well and Dana love to play to his big brother Dustin. Just like you see at this photo, Dustin is laying down in his crib and dana want's to lay down beside him. They are so cute together, so I grab the camera and took a photo of them together. What a cutie...