Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's easy to gain weight than to lose weight?

Are you eating more than before? Because I do! But I still didn't gain weight! I am sure some of you are struggling to lose weight. Some says that gaining weight is easier than to lose weight and for my opinion. I think it is, but in my part I am trying to gain more weight because my weight are still the same when I was single. Anyhow, if you are looking for a fat burning pills, maybe you might like to visit or try the 10 most effective fat burners for this year. You can find that out if you visit!

rv insurance

Fall is one of my favorite season. All the leaves are changing colors and they are look very pretty. We drove to Mesa last year and see those beautiful colors and this year, we never get a chance to drove up there because of my husband work schedule. Anyhow, one of our friends went to the Mesa for camping last month and they drove with their rv. It's nice to have your own rv especially when you go on camping with your friends and family. So talking about rv, do you already have rv insurance? Maybe you need to get an rv insurance quote at Visit now and get the rv insurance you need!

Dustin and Dana moment

It's nice to see them getting along together. They love to play each other. They are just hanging around with our doggies Thunder and Princess. While the dogs are laying down, the kids also riding on them. I love my kiddos! 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

free web directories

Starting an online business is not as hard as what you think. You just need to learn the basics and make sure that the web hosting provider you are in are there to help you 24/7. You can research it online on how to start and share it to all your friends and family. One thing that you can get more traffic in your online business is that submit your website to a free web directories. I never tried to have my own business online but I have few blogs that I always maintained and update everyday. I also don’t have much time to visit other bloggers blog but I submit my blogs to a free web directories, that way I can get more traffic. When it comes to free web directories, you might like to submit your website at

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

msm supplements

When you reach at the age of 30’s above. You can tell the difference. Do you know why? Well, I just notice that when you reach on that age, you will start feeling that you are falling apart. Just like one of our friend, she is 38 years old and she told me that she is falling apart already. She feel a lot of pain, joint pain, she got an arthritis and that’s the same problem with my husband because all his family has an arthritis, it’s a family inheritance. I am scared to reach that age but you can’t stop it. Don’t you? I am 28 years old and I feel very healthy. Maybe when I reach 30s or 40s, I will also feel the same. Better to take an msm supplement before its too late. This msm supplements will give you the real joint healing and soothing benefits you are looking for. Find the best msm supplements for your joint pain and arthritis at

Daddy and Dana moment

Dana loves to lay down with his daddy. They look so cute together especially that the dogs are laying down beside them. It's nice to sit down together, watching TV as a family. Wait a minute, where is Dustin? hehe :-) Well, he is busy playing his game online. He is in the computer room. :-)

slimming pills

I see a lot of slim girls in the Philippines where I lived and I admit that I am one of them. I am very slim when I was in high school. I didn’t gain weight even when I went to college and start working in the morning and go to school at night. My weight is always the same, I keep eating and eating but it doesn’t work. I have two kids now but I am still slim, and some of our friends here thinks that I am taking any slimming pills or diet pills. Some ask my diet secret and I tell them the truth. Well, if you want to become slim, maybe might help you decide which slimming pills is the best for you to try. Visit now and find out the top 5 rated slimming pills in the market today.

Shopping with my husband

I love shopping with myself and my kids but when it comes to my husband, I couldn’t find the right clothing for him. I know his size but some of men's clothing I choose for him, he doesn’t like it. So I let him choose the one that he likes. Just like the last time when we went to Walmart, he just bought this 2 polo shirt, stripe red and blue. Well, it looks good to him but it looks a little bit bigger. Anyhow, as long he likes it then its okay. I’m still happy that we got what we need that time.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

natural acne product

Isn’t that frustrating when you try beauty products like the whitening cream, acne treatment, moisturizer and other things that you put in your face, then you couldn’t get the good result that you want? You spend so much for all this products but then you feel unsatisfied. I stop using those whitening cream that I been using for almost two months now. I am not satisfied with it and until now, the result is not showing. So rather to stop than to keep using it and spend more money. Well, I guess I need to listen to some of my friends that been using natural acne product. I don’t have any problem with acne but I would love to have a nice softer skin of course and be an acne free!

The fire truck

 After reading Clifford story telling, the firefighter let the kids see the fire truck outside the library.

 The firefighter explains everything and show all the equipments they are using for fire.

 Dustin meet new friends! Sitting in front of the fire truck

 They will turn the siren now, so we need to back off!

We're sitting in front of the fire truck! This is Arlyn and his son Jacob in the right and me and the kids at the left. Happy blogging!

Insomnia treatment

It's hard when you can't sleep at night. It happens to me before when I was single, that's why I rather stay late and go hangout with friends than to go home early and have miserable night because I couldn't sleep. My friend told me that maybe I have an insomnia problem and need to consult a doctor but I just ignore it. I know I need an insomnia treatment but I refused my friends help. I just thankful that I get over it and now I don't have problem sleeping anymore unless when my kids are grouchy at night or when they are sick.

I love being slim!

I love being slim, do you? My husband told me that after I wean my daughter for breastfeeding, I will definitely gain weight. When I gain weight? I noticed it right away. I can see it in my face when it's getting rounder and when my pants is tight. Even I eat a lot, my weight are always the same. One of my friend ask me what is my secret why I have a slim petite body. Did I take any Slimming capsule? I told her that I didn't take any slimming capsules or take any weight loss, I just maintain my diet and try to limit all the food I eat and since I am still nursing my daughter. I think that's the main reason I don't really gain weight.

At the library...

We went to the Library this morning around 10:00am. I will met my Filipina friend there with her 13 month old son. It was very interesting! The firefighter is the one who read the book title Clifford. After he read the book, he show the kids what they wear so there is one firefighter wearing their uniform, they try to explain what are those for and after that we went outside because they will going to show us their firetruck and all the equipments they are using when there is fire. They let the  kids go inside the firetruck to look and we took some photos of it. Dustin having fun, he really like the fire truck and it was a very interesting moment to all the kids.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

managed web hosting

I knew few of the managed web hosting that really works, some of my friends recommended me some of the web hosting that they are using but until now I can't decide whether I will get a domain with my other blogs or not. I don't know but I am very hesitate to apply a new one right now. But anyhow, if you are looking for a managed hosting provider then maybe this website at will help you find the hosting provider that you are looking for. They are the guide to selecting a managed hosting provider. It's free and it's easy to use! For more details visit

wrinkle cream for men

I thought only women wants to get rid of the wrinkles, I didn’t know that men also. I thought that wrinkle cream is only for women and I found out here at, they have a wrinkle cream that actually reduces wrinkles and works well for men. So if you are one of those men that really wants to have a smooth young skin and wants to get rid of your wrinkles then look no further. This might be the perfect website for you to visit. Visit now and find out more about their products!

Dana and Dustin sleeping together

Last night, I am having hard time with Dana, She don't want to go in our bedroom, she wants to sleep with Dustin. So I let her stay for a while but instead of sleeping, they keep laughing, giggling and playing each other. So how they can get to sleep if they keep playing? It's already late and daddy already went to bed and sleep. Well, I just need to turn of the light and force Dana to sleep with me in our bedroom :-)

Friday, October 1, 2010

life insurance no exam

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