Friday, November 26, 2010

My mom turns 63!

I talk to my sister last night and she reminds me on my Mom’s birthday this coming December 2. I don’t celebrate birthday but I can’t resist my family. My niece was also sick and need to go to the Doctor for her check up. They ran out of money so they are asking for an extra allowance. They will get their allowance next week so I just sent them $60. I try to send money at Western Union online but they cancel the transaction because they can’t verify my home phone and cell phone. So I decided to try the xoom and it works pretty fast. I receive message from my sister this morning and they said they already pick up the money. Anyhow, since my mom will be 63 this coming December 2, I was thinking to send them extra allowance this coming December and maybe next year I will send that Forex Box and maybe I will buy her wrinkle cream to make her look younger. What you think? Any idea on what wrinkle creams that work?

Me and friends...

This photo taken last week Friday, November 19, 2010. I invited Ella and Meliza to have lunch in the house but only Ella came. Meliza still working until 3pm so I will pick her up then around 3:00pm. We just had ice cream and do chitchat in the house. It was fun and hope we can do this again next time :-)

adapexin reviews

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sensitive skin

I tried different kind of acne wash and moisturizers but I never get satisfied on all the products I used. So I go back to the acne wash I’ve used before that I think it really works for my sensitive skin. My acne was gone and my face become very soft. My husband love to touch my face even my 2 year old daughter love to touch it. Reading reviews about acne wash helps me a lot to find the product that is right for me. Thanks to md clear reviews, it gives me idea on how their product works. To find out the number one experts choice acne fighter, visit!

Went on shopping...

It's Black Friday today so I am sure the Mall and Khols are crowded. Me and my Pinay friend Ella went to Khols this afternoon but we end up putting all the things we buy back to were we got it. They have long line in the counter and it was lunch time already. Kids are complaining that they are hungry and my friend didn't eat lunch yet. So instead of shopping at Khols, we decided to get out on that store and go to the walmart instead. We eat at McDonalds inside Walmart and buy some few things we need. They are not as crowded like Khols, so it went pretty good.

award winning formula...

Drinking Soda everyday can gain you weight that’s why I am trying not to drink soda so much because I already had bulging belly. Having bulge belly is not attracted at all, it doesn’t look good especially if I wear those tight tops. Anyhow, my friend recommend me the best diet pills that she found online at Their number one top rated diet pills was decatrim, this is the strongest diet pill currently available without prescription. This decatrim is an award winning formula comes at a fraction of the price of other comparable products. 100% money back guarantee, so you better try this one and how it works. Find out the top 5 rated diet pills at!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Black Friday

This coming Black Friday is the best time to go on shopping because they offer great deals on all their items and guess what? Even when you shop online, you can still save up to 70% especially if you shop online at Everyone wants to save money right? This time of the year will be the busiest month I think, many people will go buying things for the holidays. That’s why me and my friends will shop online this coming Black Friday so that we can save! Visit and save up to 50%-70% on all their holiday specials this coming Black Friday!

Dana sweet kisses

Love this photo, Dana was so sweet! She gave me a big hug and kiss. She say "I latch you mommy", that's the way she say "I love You" :-) I love you too baby! You are just a sweetie pie!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

women's rain boots

I check the weather cast for this week and next week, we will have rain and snow. I hate this kind of weather because its cold and I don’t feel like wearing thick jacket and boots. But I don’t have any choice! I have to wear it whether I like it or not. I need to keep my self warm in this kind of weather. I been searching sweater and boots online and I found the one I like but I still need to wait until next month. I will get the money in my paypal next month so I will absolutely buy those sweater I like. Talking about boots, I found a very interesting and fashionable women's rain boots at and they are look fabulous. I like the Muck Dove Black, this is perfect to wear in a rain or snow. You can shop by brand, color, height or pattern. Get your fashionable rain boots at!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

green study

Did you know that when you shop online at you can save tons of money, save time and you can save the earth too as well. I am not into online shopping but whenever I found interesting items online, I bought it using my paypal earnings. I love shopping online because it consumes less energy and I don’t need to worry about going to the retail store and find the one I need. I love to shop at and since they offer a holiday special and free shipping on all their items then I will absolutely shop online next month. So if you want to know more about green study, you might like to visit their website today and Go Green with now!

Dana and mommy!

New photo of me and Dana! this photo taken in our bedroom. Dana was very silly she wanted me to jump and play with her on the bed. She's really funny! when I took the camera, she say cheezzzz right away and lay down to do the post. Isn't she cutie? :-)

Friday, November 12, 2010

give it a try...

I ask some of my friends about what kind of diet pills they are using or do they know anything about the safe diet pills that work. Most of them recommend me the website that they think has information about this subject. I research it online but they are many website to choose. I don’t know which one that tells the truth. Then after few minutes of searching, I bumped to this website at They have very interesting website and it said they are the most trusted diet pill retailer since 2002. So maybe I will give it a try and see if I could find one.

fitness equipment

When was the last time me and my husband went to the gym? I can’t remember but I do remember all the new fitness equipment when we first time go together at the gym. That was the first day opening of the gym and there’s only few people that time. Hopefully we can go back at the gym, I really need to build up muscle in my legs and arms and mike need to lose weight too. Talking about fitness equipment,, they are the worlds largest in refurbished and used gym equipments. So if you are looking for a fitness equipment, this is the perfect website to visit. Hurry and get the fitness equipment you need!

Me and my kids moment

Taking pictures of my self and my  kids is what I love. Dana and Dustin love to be in the picture too, they are both photogenic that's why I am very proud to have a kids like them! Love them both!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

acne products

It's hard to stick to one acne products because most of them doesn't really work. Well, some does work but you need to wait for couple of weeks to see the best results. Sometimes, its kind a frustrating especially when get a reaction with the products like having more pimples, the skin get irritated, it gives you rashes and makes your skin red because of the strong ingredients that they put in the product. It scary sometimes but I know there are some acne products out there that really works. Talking about acne products, you might like to visit This will give you idea on what kind of acne product to use that really works on your skin and find out why natural ingredients are so effective. Visit now to find it out!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Social Security Disability Insurance

It’s hard to those people who has disability to provide their financial needs. They depend to there love ones and friends. Most of them don’t have health insurance that’s why Allsup is there to help those people to get their social security disability insurance. If you know someone that has disability and need social security disability insurance. Contact, they are the leading nationwide provider of financial and healthcare related services to people with disability. So call them today and let them help you get your social security disability insurance you need!

Dana swinging!

This is a cute picture of my little girl Dana. She is 20 months old. She hang herself to swing in the rope. She is so funny and got a strong arms too. She is also cute in her new pink jacket! :-)