Friday, November 26, 2010

My mom turns 63!

I talk to my sister last night and she reminds me on my Mom’s birthday this coming December 2. I don’t celebrate birthday but I can’t resist my family. My niece was also sick and need to go to the Doctor for her check up. They ran out of money so they are asking for an extra allowance. They will get their allowance next week so I just sent them $60. I try to send money at Western Union online but they cancel the transaction because they can’t verify my home phone and cell phone. So I decided to try the xoom and it works pretty fast. I receive message from my sister this morning and they said they already pick up the money. Anyhow, since my mom will be 63 this coming December 2, I was thinking to send them extra allowance this coming December and maybe next year I will send that Forex Box and maybe I will buy her wrinkle cream to make her look younger. What you think? Any idea on what wrinkle creams that work?

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