Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Artist Dustin

My husband and I are both good in drawings and I think my 4 year old son got those talent. At his early age, he loves to draw and paint. That’s why we bought him yesterday a water color and big paper pad so that he can start drawing and painting. He did pretty good for a starter. We would love to take him to art school to enhance his skills. Hope we can do that next year.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

It was crowded!

Last Black Friday, me and my friend went on shopping but it didn’t went well. I saw the line and it was crazy! We don’t want to wait for that long line especially that the kids started to get fussy. All we did is put all the stuff we got and go out in the store. We decided to go Walmart and do shopping there since it’s not too crowded. My husband already told me how crowded the store is, but I didn’t listen. Now what? We didn’t got what we want. Maybe we can try to shop online because still got the Cyber Monday deals. I can still buy watches online for my brother and brother in law in the Philippines.

keep on trying!

I missed singing karaoke with my family and friends. Are you? Back in the Philippines my friends and I go to the karaoke bar to spend for a night. We sing all night long! We had a lot of fun but you know what? There’s no improvement in my voice, I still sing the same. When I came here in the United States, I keep practicing singing but my voice has no improvement at all. Maybe I might need a voice lesson. What you think? Anyhow, it doesn’t matter, the important is I still have courage to sing in our karaoke machine even though my voice is not as good as the other singer. I still keep on trying! One of my friend will buy karaoke machine next year, so I am looking forward to sing karaoke with my fellow Pinay friends.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Miserable night...

Last night was a miserable night. Dana was really upset for something. She keep crying and crying. I tried many things to make her stop but no use. She knows what she wants but we need to discipline her not to do it. It's time to go to bed and she needs to stay with us. She just done eat her snack and drink her milk. She wanted to play and watch her movie in the middle of the night and we won't let her do that. It's late and mike needs to sleep because he has work early in the morning. It's a battle between me and her because as a mother, I can't resist to watch her doing like that. I easily give up and my husband always told me not to give up right away. She needs to learn that when its time to bed, she needs to go sleep too. Not to fight with us and do what she likes to do. It's really hard for me but at last for almost an hour of crying, she stops and go to sleep. The funny thing is, she always keep asking a tissue so that she can blow her nose. She sleep pretty good though and until now she's still sleeping. Maybe she will woke up around 9-10am. Will see...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

demand toys

Whenever we go to the store, my son always wanted a toy. He want the hot wheels mini cars. He saw a lot of toys out there but he is not interested to those big toys. He already know if the toys are expensive or not. I told him before that he can only have toys that is not expensive. Good thing he don’t demand a psp because my friend told me that his son demand to buy him a new psp and a play station games.

Play Piano...

Dustin and Dana love their new piano! My husband told me that he will buy them a piano keyboard but then when I went to Family Dollar, I found this little piano for only $10.00 and I bought it for them since Dana love it when she plays it.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

shop with friends!

I love to shop and I know most women do. When my husband and I go to the mall to shop women's apparel. I only choose one or two items and sometimes I choose the cheap ones. I am not really comfortable to shop when my husband is around. You know women takes a lot of time to shop. They need more time to choose what they want and since I am not a spender and I only spend below 50 when I go shopping, I need to make sure that I get the items I want in a very affordable price. Last Friday, I went on shopping with my fellow Pinay friends and we spend 3 hours for shopping! I am looking forward to do it again next time.

Monday, December 6, 2010

ATV Parts

I have a friend that owns a Polaris RZR but they never used it for a year now. I am not sure why but I think it needs an ATV Parts. The last time they use it was last year summer and after that they never use it again. Either it was broken or maybe it lost some parts. Good thing I found the website where they can buy ATV Parts, has all the parts they need for their Polaris RZR. So hope they will use their ATV next summer!

Big Trucks Puzzle

This is the puzzle that we bought for Dustin. We got this big truck puzzle at the Borders Bookstore. He did pretty good thought, he figure it out right away but when he ask help to build the puzzle. I gave him a hand and help to finish the puzzle. It's nice to build puzzle especially when we sit down together as a family. Maybe will do this again tomorrow night :-)

Saturday, December 4, 2010


My 4 year old son loves to read book at night and we just bought him flashlights two days ago, he loves to turn off the bedroom light and just use his flashlights. He has a lot of fun but sometimes, he got scared when his bedroom light is off, that’s why we bought him night light today while were in Walmart. Anyhow, talking about lights, I found this great deal from, they offer indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, lamps, ceiling fans, home d├ęcor and all the lights you need! You can save up to 65% off on all their lights. You better check it out and see for your self!