Sunday, December 25, 2011

wholesale products

I love shopping especially if they offer a big discount on all my favorite items. Like last weekend, we shop at my favorite store and we got a good deal for jewelries and clothing. We got all we need and we only spend not more than 200 and we save about 60 bucks I guess. I am sure many people are waiting for holidays because they will get a big discount. Holidays is the best way to shop and save tons of money. That’s why many people prefer to buy wholesale products. They can save money and at the same time they can find the one they need.

Do you like to shop wholesale products? I do, I try that before but then I stop because of the shipping price. Maybe its way too much for me and maybe next time I will try to shop wholesale products again especially now that my friend recommend me this new website where I can find better deal for wholesale products. Maybe I will give it a try and see how it works. Anyhow, I better check my laundry and finish unpacking those boxes before going to sleep and tomorrow or maybe this weekend I will surely find wholesale products online.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

classroom program

This morning, I witness Dustin’s classroom program at their class. My son got a part of the program, he is the one reading the winter poem. He is such a good reader and he did pretty good on his part. There are times that he stop in the middle and say “did I miss any page?” and when somebody tell him to read it louder, he will say “okay…” then he will read it again. It was fun and I am really proud of him. He is very confident and he knows what his doing. After the school program, we did a cookie decorating and of course all the parents are there. I help Dustin to decorate his cookie but Dana already had a bite in her cookie. It was fun and since we are moving, I am sure Dustin will going to miss all her classmates, teachers and friends.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

work trucks

It was so funny when the kids starts to talk especially when they learn something, when they see something, they will tell you right away. They are really smart because the moment they learn those words, they will remember it all the time. Well, it happens to my son, when he was 3-4 years old, he already know the cars and work trucks names like the time when we pick up my mother-in-law at Denver airport. My son saw some of the work trucks up there and he says ‘look mommy it’s a skid steer loaders and bulldozers! What are they doing there?’ I even don’t know the names of those work trucks except the bulldozer of course. Those trucks are pretty amazing! They do the work more easier and faster for the workers. So if you need to buy skid steer loader, you might like to visit, they are the leading used skid steer dealer in the USA.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

sick kid

Having a sick kid in the house is not really good. Parents don’t like to see their kids get sick but what can you do if they get sick because of the season or maybe they got it from school or somewhere. It affects your sleeping schedule because you can’t sleep when they are not feel well. They keep crying at night and you need to take care and watch them all the time. Like my two year old daughter, she starts coughing at night 2 days ago and we’re giving her cough medicine. She doesn’t have fever though but it scares me whenever she cough because sometimes, she ends up throwing up in the bed. On that reason, we never get a chance to go service yesterday, Saturday and only Dustin and daddy went on service then today, Sunday, we didn’t get a chance to go meeting either, so me and Dana stay home and daddy and Dustin went to the meeting. She is really grouchy, she cries and wines a lot. Well, I know why she does that, because she doesn’t feel good and she really needs my attention. Hopefully she feel better soon. Can’t wait to see her being happy again and not being sick. It breaks my heart every time I see her crying. If she doesn’t feel good until tomorrow, I might need to call her doctor and let her in, just to make sure that she is okay.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

cheap scrubs

I had great time when some of my friends came over last Thursday, it was nice to have them. Two of them just got off from work and of course since they don’t have enough time to go home and change, they just wear their scrubs. It doesn’t matter for me though as long they came and that’s more important. Even my husband when he go to the meeting, he is still wearing his work clothes. I really appreciate the time that we all spend last week and hopefully this week, we can still meet and get together.

Anyhow, while were talking about scrubs, one of them ask if I know where to buy cheap scrubs. Well, blueskyscrubs has a cheap scrubs for women. I am sure they will find the scrubs they need. I will absolutely recommend blueskyscrubs to my friends who work in the hospital or in any medical office. There are many scrubs that you can choose but some of them are way too expensive that’s why they have cheap scrubs available for you. So if you are looking for cheap scrubs, look no further and visit this website at  and find the scrubs uniform you need!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

dinghy davits

Many people prefer to buy a high quality products made in the USA than any other brands in the country. There are some people also that doesn’t care about the brands or where the products made, they usually look the quality of the products and see if the products can long last. Well, for me, since I am not really a spender when it comes on shopping, I am not really care so much about the brands since I know there are many brands of clothes, electronics, food items, beauty products and more that is out in the market today. I only choose the one that is more worth to pay for and the one that is not way too expensive. As long I can still afford to buy it.

How about when you plan to buy a boat? Of course when you pay that much, you are also expecting to get a high quality product from the marine industry. That’s why umtmarine are proud of their outstanding reputation, they established for custom crafted marine technology products. They have all the marine products that you are looking for like the dinghy davits, boat davits, davits cranes and more. To all boat owners out there, if you are looking for a high quality marine parts and accessories, this is the website for you. And for boating magazine visit!

Dana's yellow polkadot dress

This is the latest dress I made for my little girl. It was a yellow polkadot dress. Yellow is one of my favorite color and yellow is a perfect color for my little girl, her complexion becomes more lighter when she wear light colors like yellow, orange and pink. She looks very adorable in this dress. I'm glad it turns out really good. Another thumbs up for me! hehe :-)

Friday, December 2, 2011

pos system, anyone?

If you have a busy restaurant or even just a small business like internet café, a thrift store, grocery store and other selling businesses, isn’t that more easier if you have point of sale (POS) system? Well, guess what? If you are looking for a POS system, then you came in the right place, has all the pos system you need on your business. Not only that, they also have great deal on their barcode scanner, software solutions and other pos essentials. For more pos system selections visit!

Dana's Potty train

So far, Dana's potty training was pretty good. She already know how to hold her pee at night and woke up in the morning and go to the bathroom and sit on her potty train toilet set. I always praise her when she do that. Before she go to bed, she also go pee in the bathroom. But usually in the afternoon, she get so lazy to get up and walk in the bathroom that's why she ends up peeing her diaper. I don't scold her when she do that, I just talk to her and let her know that it's nice if she pee in her toilet set in the bathroom because she is a big girl now. I think she's learning really well and time will come, she will realize that the best place to pee is in the toilet and not in her diaper. :-)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

caribbean special deals

It’s nice to spend once or twice a year vacation and get away in our busy life and just have fun. Everyone are feel very stressful at their job and they need to take a break. Families, single people, the couples take a week vacation at the place where they can enjoy and forget their busy life. Relieve all the stress by enjoying and pampered themselves once in a while. Some preferred to go in a Caribbean cruise, so if you are planning to do that, you might like to get this caribbean all inclusive packages at I am sure you won’t regret it. Make it a memorable, fun and enjoyable vacation with you and your family. Take advantage on their Caribbean cruise special deal at and save up to 50% off! You can check rates and availability directly to their website!

gift for her

My mom will be 65 tomorrow December 2nd. I wonder what kind of gift I should gave her. I am not really good on choosing gifts but with the help of, It makes it easier for me to find the gift that I am sure she would like. There are a lot of items to choose from and their jewelry selections are all nice too. Well, my mom really doesn’t like jewelry because she scared that somebody will took it from her, I guess I will just add their allowance this week that way she can buy something she likes.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dana's little kitchen

I found this play circle table top kitchen at Target for $21.00, regular price of $29.99. I got a good deal with this little toy  kitchen for toddler. Dana likes to play all the pot in our kitchen so we decided to  buy her a little table top kitchen with a plastic fruits, vegetables, food and some plates, pots and utencils. She was so happy and excited to play, both her and his brother Dustin play pretend together ;-)

Three Children

Contributed by Milford Woods

My husband and I have two children, and we just found out we have another one on the way. Surprise! This isn’t something we were planning on, but we could not be more excited about it. We love the idea of having a big, crazy family. We both come from big families and have incredible memories of growing up surrounded by siblings. They’re built-in best friends, really, and we’re so happy that our children will have the same memories when they get older. The only downside to having a large family is that the costs start adding up very quickly. Our kids grow like weeds and it feels like we are constantly buying new clothes. The addition of a third who will be in diapers for the foreseeable future is making us just a little nervous. So we’re cutting costs wherever we can. We’ve started to stock money away as much as possible to help offset the additional costs that come along with another baby. One of the easiest things we’ve done is call deals from Shop electricity rates Texas to save some money on our natural gas costs. It was so simple to make the switch, and we’ve already seen cost savings. We’re going to use some of the extra money to decorate the nursery for the new baby. We can’t wait to meet the little one!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

baby carrier

Carrying a baby for a long hour is very tiring. I am sure many mommies out there doesn't like to carry their babies that long especially when they are shopping. That's why they provide a baby carrier so that parents don't need to worry about carrying their baby around the store. Well, I guess some parents prefer to have a stroller or a car seat, but did you know that babies like to feel like being held with their mom or dad? I love to carry my kids but not that long, sometimes I put them in the cart or in the stroller. My husband bought me a baby carrier before for my eldest but the one we got is way too small and it makes the baby feel uncomfortable. If we have a hip baby carrier then it would be great because they like to be held when I carry him in my hip and hip baby carrier is a perfect choice for a parent like me.

How about you? What do you prefer, the hip baby carrier or a baby carrier with a front pouch, backpack or side sling? Of course its both parents decision in which one would be the best for the both of them. So when it comes to baby carriers, you might like to visit They have great information to all types of baby carriers. To find out more, visit!

Dana new top and short

This is the new purple top and black short I made for my little girl. I really like the fabric, I made a dress for myself, for my friend and also for my little one. She looks very adorable on this photo. The top and short I made for her looks really cute on her! ":-)

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Last year on winter, I helped my husband shovel the drive way. We have 3 to 4 inches of snow. My experience was terrible since I don't really like cold and that was my first time to shovel the snow. After we shovel the drive way, my back got hurt and my hands are numb. I told my husband that he can do it next time because I really can't do it in my own. I rather stay in the house when its snowing. I love to see snow but I am not really crazy on staying outside, playing with snow and making snowballs. My kids love it! I took a lot of nice photo of them on winter.

When the temperature drop down to 20 degrees, I really don't want to step outside. Although my kids still love to play in the snow, so I let them play outside while I'm watching them inside. Then that weekend, I was thankful that my husband brought a new snowblower that way we don't need to shovel the drive way, he can just use the snowblower and it makes it easier and faster. Within a minute, the drive or walk way was cleared right away. That was amazing. I am sure we will use our snowblower again this winter.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

maternity clothes

Last week while I was cleaning in my closet and take all the clothes that I don't wear anymore. I saw all my maternity clothes and I was thinking how to do with all this maternity clothes? I won't be able to wear this anymore since we don't have any plan to have another baby. We already have two kids and two is enough. They are still in good shape, so maybe I will send this to my family in the Philippines and give it to our relatives who are pregnant or maybe will sell it online? I am not sure.

Well, talking about maternity clothes, I love the maternity clothes selection at They are look fabulous and sexy. Perfect for all preggy mommies. Babiesnbellies is your one stop shopping for trendy maternity wear. I will absolutely recommend this website to all pregnant women out there and to my friend who was 7 months pregnant.

The Kids new train set

Two weeks ago after the meeting, Dustin got a chance to play with his friends outside the kingdom hall and one of them brought his train set. Dana and Dustin love the toy and they wanted to have one also just like that. When I told them that we need to go home, they don't want to go instead they still keep playing the train set. I told my husband that maybe we can buy them a train set so that they can play it at home. I am not sure how much it is because maybe it's expensive but will see. 

We went to Walmart to find that train set and we found the one for Dustin and Dana. We let the kids choose the one they like and both of them they also got a two pair of trains. Dana choose the blue train and Dustin choose the red and green. Dana pick the one who has a tunnel in it and Dustin got the train station and we connect it together. That's how it looks like in the above photo. They love to play their new train set!

Monday, November 14, 2011


Kids never get enough with toys. They want more! There are many educational toys that you can choose from in different ages, some are way too expensive and there are some that are affordable that kids would love. We don’t want toys that can easily break or toys that is not applicable for their age. I like to have educational toys for my kids so that they can learn more. I am sure many parents prefer to have educational toys for their kids. How about you? What kind of toys your kids love?

Well, talking about toys, has a great selections for toys in all ages. You can find a lot of educational toys for infants and even toddlers. Safety is their top priority, so all their toys are safe to all kids in all ages. That’s what matters most for all parents right? They want to give their kids the best and I know that an educational toy can make them happy and they learn too as well. If you are looking for educational toys for your kids or to give it to someone as a gift, is the right website to visit. Find the perfect gift for your little ones at! They offer free shipping on order over $69.99!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

classroom decorations

Classroom is the place where kids can learn a lot of things. Its like a second home for the kids. And teacher's teach kids to learn educational things from different curriculum. Classroom provided a safe space where learning can take place. That's why its really important to choose the right classroom decorations to make sure that you are not distracting your students. Like what it said that the layout, désign and décor of the classroom has a significant effect upon the quality of education. So we really need to be careful on choosing the right décor and even lighting and furniture.

Just like my son's classroom, he always told me about it after school and whenever he get a chance to be a leader in the class especially at their read aloud subject. He choose to read the poem in the board and also the letters with different pictures in it. He really had fun in school!

Anyhow, when it comes to classroom decorations, has all you need! They offer a very affordable prices on all their decorations. So either you are looking for a classroom decorations from shapes, size, alphabets, numbers and letters, they got you covered! They also have holiday or seasonal decorations that I am sure you would love. You can shop by Grade too! So hurry and get your classroom decorations now at!

My sewing project - Dana's top

This is the new top I made for my little girl using my old fabrics. It turns out pretty good, she likes it and it looks really good on her. Blue looks pretty on her isn't it? I need to get more fabric and make some more top and dresses for my lovely girl.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

elder care...

When people reach at the age where they can’t do so much, they need someone who can take care of them, who can prepare food for them and do things with them. Any service that makes them feel comfortable and happy. Nowadays, because of the busy world, the children don’t have time to taking care of their parents. That’s why they provide elder care for all the elders. They will never feel alone anymore since they have reliable, compassionate and affordable caregivers that they can rely on.

One of the elder care that I recommend is the Preferred Care at Home at You might like to find the elder care in your area, you can find the location directly to their website. They promised to give the best service and make sure that all the elders are taking care of. You don’t need to worry sending your grandparents, grand mother or father to the elder care since Preferred Care at Home have a good reputation, they help many elders and so far they have satisfied clients. So why not try their service and see if they like it? If you want to know more about Preferred Care at Home, you might like to give them a call at this number 1-866-690-7733 or visit their website at!

Monday, October 31, 2011

food processor parts

We bought our food processor last year and I used it once in a while. This year, I never get a chance to use it again since I lost one of the parts and because of that, the food processor doesn’t work right. But I still kept the food processor in the kitchen and don’t want to throw it away. We spend a lot for that processor and I think the parts won’t be that expensive. I just don’t know where to get those parts, my husband said we can buy a new one but I say no because maybe we can still find the parts that is missing.

Good thing that my friend recommend me the kitchenaid food processor parts at They have the one that I am looking for. Our food processor lost the duet detachable stem and a blender blade sealing gaskets. The price is very affordable and its free shipping too! I will feel bad if we throw our food processor away, so now that I know where to get those pars, I don’t need to worry about it. I can use our food processor again and try those yummy recipes using the food processor. So if you are looking for food processor and blender parts or any cookware parts and accessories, visit

Dustin Lighting Mcqueen Pajama

I bought Dustin a 1 yard of this lightning mcqueen fabric. It's not enough to make a whole pajama, so I end up making him pants since he only like a pants or short jammies. Well, if we can go Hobby Lobby again, I might get another yard of the same fabric to make a top pajama. He likes his new car pajama, he always wear it every night.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


When you enter the house, you’ll see the nice oriental rugs in the living room, in the hallway, kitchen and even in the bedroom. Rugs can make the room look so much better, It adds elegant, beauty and style. There are many different types, size and shapes of rugs. You can choose either classic rugs, modern, designer rugs, shaggy, hallway runners, round, leather, wool, sheepskin rugs, sisal and even kids rugs. Maybe some of you think that this rugs are all expensive but you know what? Its not! You can get the rugs you like in an excellent value for money. At they have budget rugs that you will absolutely like. They have all the rugs that you are looking for. I like the Alpine and Nordic Rugs the most. That will be perfect in the living room. How about you? Did you find the rugs that you like?

Since we have two kids, the rugs help a lot, it minimize the sound and noise that they make. It’s more quieter than usual because before they like to run and throw toys in the floor, we have wood floor in the living room and sometimes at night, the floor gets colder so the rugs helps a lot to keep our feet warm and when we watch tv, the kids are laying down in the rugs then me and my husband are in the couch. So if you are looking for rugs, look no further and get the rugs you need at! There you will find a highly recognizable and famous Persian and Oriental rug designs.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

merchant financing

Are you in business for more than 6 months and have poor credit history and looking for a merchant financing to help you get the funds you need on your business? Worry no more because stimulus funding is there to help you with this matter. They are specialize in funding businesses. You can receive a cash advance up to $250,000 in 72 hours if you are qualified. All you have to do is visit and apply online! For free consultation call this number at 1-888-740-1175!

My sewing project - Dana dress

Front View

Back View

Another finish project I made yesterday for my little girl. Its a simple dress for my Dana pie. It turns out pretty good. The problem is, she don't want to take off the lady bug pajama that I made for her the other day. It makes me happy to see the outcome of the dress. Can't wait to see my little girl wearing the dress I made. Maybe she can wear it this Sunday in the meeting.

Nursing Aide Jobs

This year, there are many nursing aide students who graduate. Some of them might find the Nursing Aide Jobs and some are not. It depends if they pass the board exam. My friend sister just graduate Nursing and she’s looking for a job right now. Good thing because I knew a website where she can apply for a Nursing Aide and she said she will give it a try. So if you are looking for a Nursing Aide Jobs, look no further! Visit, this might be your opportunity to get the job that you are looking for. Don’t be jobless, there are many available jobs out there, start searching Nursing Aide Jobs right now at!

Friday, October 28, 2011

granite tile

Granite tile is the most popular choice in all kinds of businesses and even residences like to have granite tile installed in their kitchen. Since granite tile is unique, easy to clean and maintain, it also adds beauty and elegance that makes this tile stands out. That’s why this is highly recommended to everyone from property owners, commercial construction buyers and flooring contractors.

There are many advantages and benefits on having granite tile. That’s why either you are planning to remodel your kitchen or beautify other areas of the home, this granite tile countertops will be a perfect choice. If we were remodel our kitchen, I will also love to have granite tile installed to our kitchen countertops. This granite tile will enhance the look in our kitchen and everyone will absolutely love it!

So when it comes to granite tile countertops, you might like to consider buying at, they have all the granite tiles that you need. All their granite and marble countertops are absolutely unique and their team is deeply passionate about providing you the best service as possible. So if you have any questions, you can visit their website at and chat with them live!

Sleep in her crib...

I was having hard time putting Dana to sleep in her crib before since she doesn't like to be in it. So I didn't force her to sleep in the crib. She usually sleep in our bedroom with me and my husband. She sleep in the middle and whenever she fall asleep, I transfer her to her crib but then she woke up and cry. So it takes a while before she started to sleep all night in her crib. This past few days, she decided to sleep in her crib without wining and crying. She just asking for bottle milk and after few minutes she will fall asleep. It's not as hard as what I thought. I think it depends on the kids when they are ready and not scared to sleep alone in their crib.

Ceramic Tiles

Just got a call from my husband, he told me that he will finish the floor in the patio tomorrow. That means we can't go on service. If we started it early, the floor will get dry in the afternoon and maybe next week, we'll start to find Ceramic Tiles for the floor. We have some tiles left that the owner used before in the kitchen floor. If we use that, we still need to find the same tiles that we have. I guess it's not that complicated to put those tiles in the floor. Mike know how to do it and If he needs help, I can give him a hand.

We have some brothers that are willing to help too so will see. Right now, I am searching Ceramic Tiles online and bumped to this website at That country ceramic tiles is almost the same as the tiles we have in the kitchen floor. The cambridge tiles too looks really nice. Well, there are a lot of things to think about when it comes on choosing the right tiles but hopefully we can find the one we need. When we finish the room not before winter, we will probably put this house on rent and maybe we can find a house rental also in Alamosa. Will see...

best radar detector

Looking for a Best Radar Detector? Then you came to the right place. You can find the best radar detector at The prices are very affordable. Their featured product are Escort and Bel professional series radar detector. So either you are looking for Escort, Beltronics, Cobra and Whistler laser and radar detectors, they have all you need. So hurry and visit and take advantage on their Cobra XRS-9970G Radar Detector for only $209.95. This is one of their hot deals online! For more details visit their website and find out how you can win a free radar detector or subscribe to their newsletter for exclusive coupons, promotion and giveaways.

Lady Bug Pajama for my little girl

We went to Hobby Lobby yesterday to buy fabric for Thunder's Elbow Pads then Dana found this lady bug fabric, lady bug is one of her favorite bug so I bought a yard for her so that I can make her a lady bug pajama. Dustin got one too, he found a lightning mcqueen fabric so I bought another yard for him too but it's not enough to make a whole pajama outfit so I end up making him a pants and I'll make him the top next time if we get another yard of fabric at hobby lobby. So here is Dana's new lady bug Pajama that I make last night, she wore it last night to sleep and she even don't want to take it off ;-) I love it too! The color is perfect for her! she is such an adorable little girl :-) Love them both!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Residential Solar Power Systems

The more you use electricity, the higher your bill is. So why not try to save energy by using this new Residential Solar Power Systems. This is the new way to save energy and the cost is very affordable. Nowadays, people are scratching their heads when they receive their monthly electricity bill. It was very stressful, it happens for us too that's why we try to turn of everything especially if we are not using it. We try to teach the kids that whenever they done watching tv or playing computer or using the lights in the bedroom, they need to turn it off after they use it, that way we can save energy. I guess most parents does that too to their children.

But you know there's another way to save energy by using this Solar Power Systems. Most houses, businesses, schools in the area are using this power saving systems. One of the company that I recommend is the Socal Solar Energy, Inc. They are the leading provider of solar energy in California. No wonder that when we went to California for a week vacation, we saw some businesses and houses there that using their solar system. So if you are one of those people that really concerned about the environment and want to save more energy, then this is the right one for you. For free analysis of your home or business contact this number at 877-767-5967 or visit their website for at

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


When we went to San Francisco and drove at 17 miles drive, we saw some people surfing out there. I can’t believe they are surfing in a cold water. It was really cold and breezy that time when we went there and it was foggy too. The big waves are amazing, its been almost 3 years since the last time I see the ocean. I really can’t help but missing my hometown Philippines and see the ocean once a week. Those people really like surfing, I wonder if there is a shark in the area. Well, my husband told me that they are wearing wetsuits, if they have wetsuit on, it doesn’t matter if the water is cold or not. It won’t stop them to do surfing, diving or wakeboarding.

Talking about wetsuits, has all the wetsuits you need, you might like to try the 2011 prime 3/2mm wetsuit. It has advance stretch material insulation from chest down, high performance super stretch EVOflex composite blend of materials and had interior glideskin neck for added comfort. This is the wetsuit you need! Don’t let cold water stop you! Wear this wetsuit from and I am sure you will enjoy diving and surfing more!

the leaf bug

Dustin found this leaf bug in the backyard and it flew in our window. He caught it and he even doesn't scared at all. Well, Dustin like bugs but I just want to make sure that this bug won't bite or hurt him. I told him to let the leaf bug go or he can leave it in the tree.

remote controlled cars

Kids love toys! Who doesn’t like toys? Everytime we go to the store, the kids always want new toys especially my 5 year old son. He like cars a lot, so we try not to give him the expensive one. But he is happy enough to get a hot wheel cars for only a buck. He has tons of car collection in his bedroom and he never get enough of it. He still wanted some more. We Buy cheap RC Cars for him last week and he was very happy. He showed it to his friends and guess what? Her little sister also want a remote controlled cars so we bought them two so that they wont fight.

It was really amazing how this kind of toys make little kids happy. I never had this kind of toy when I was a little girl or even my brother because we can’t afford it. I am contented to make my own paper doll and play with my friends. Now that we have money and we can afford to buy kids their favorite toys, then why not right? As long they are happy and as long they will take care of their toys and not to break it. The only thing I concerned about this remote controlled cars is the battery. Because kids love to play it everyday and the battery only last for couple of days so we need to buy more batteries before it runs out.

deal for fun

I shopped at the auction website before and make a bid on the jewelry that I like. I usually get a great deal for those jewelry and they really look nice. I send some of it to my sister, cousin and niece, they all like it. Maybe I will try it again next time but since I found out this new auction website at, I am not sure if scam or not but maybe I will give it a try.

I like to bid and it’s a good feeling especially if you win the bid in a lower price. You don’t need to pay the regular price on that items. I never tried to bid any electronics stuff like ipad, kindle, laptop or tv. I am sure most of you does, many people like to bid this kind of items since they are all expensive if you buy and pay the regular price at the store. If you lucky enough to bid this items then that would be good isn’t it? Great deal, great items, you couldn’t ask for more.

So if you like to get a great deal with this items, you better start bidding now at They have huge variety of products to choose from and who knows! Maybe you will win one of those items and can get it for a very low price!

Dustin's pumpkin patch

This is the first time that Dustin went on their pumpkin patch together with all his classmates and teacher. He was having fun and he choose the one that is right size for him that is easy for him to carry. Some of the kids give also Dana a small pumpkin just a perfect size for her. It's was my first time also to go in a pumpkin patch and it's not really that bad. I help Dustin to find the pumpkin that he likes and Dana got a chance to see inside the school bus. We just follow the bus when we get back to school. Those pumpkins are really big!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

kitchen cabinet doors

I didn't know that kitchen cabinet doors have different names like the one I saw online at, their top selling are adobe, liberty, shaker, revere, fiesta, patriot, executive and freedom. You can see all their designs directly to their website! This is the kind of cabinet doors I like. But I like the liberty the best, little bit darker than any other cabinets. The cabinet doors we have is just a plain white. We're thinking to change those cabinet doors into a modern type cabinets. I am not sure when but whenever we have budget, we will absolutely do that. But first we have to finish the additional room in the kitchen, we still need to finish the floor and add the tiles in it.

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen that's why I like the kitchen to be look modern and nice. Easy to clean and of course have a lot of space for all the kitchenwares. I think I like the arch raised types of door cabinets. How about you?

Anyhow, if you are planning to modernize your kitchen and change your old fashion cabinet doors, then you came to the right place! has all the kitchen cabinet doors you need. They deliver high quality, customized kitchen cabinet doors built to fit any size. You can choose from their over 50 unique cabinet door styles.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


The last time we went on the fair is when my son was 2 years old. That was 3 years ago! I remember their having a monster jam out there but we didn’t get a chance to see it. Last July, one of our friend ask us if we got a ticket for the concert or we will go on Saturday night to see the fair and we said we can’t. We missed the fair this year but its okay will try again next time, will surely buy some ticket to see the monster jam or the bull riding. Anyhow, if you are looking for a monster jam tickets, sade tickets and a professional bull riders tickets, you might like to get it at the, they have all the tickets you need from all your favorite game show!

swimming swimming!

Dustin was having fun swimming when we went for a 3 days vacation in Alamosa. We stay at the Rio Grande Inn, they really had great restaurant and their water park is nice, I love to go at the big slide with Dustin. They love it! We bought them a float jacket but it doesn't help because they really doesn't like it. They took it off after, but look at Dustin here, he is trying to float himself, go swim Dustin! you can do it! :-)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

outdoor antennas

Do you use hd antennas outdoor? We never tried to use hd antennas outdoor since we don’t have an hd tv. But if ever we will have one, we might need to get a new one. This hd antennas outdoor receives UHF, VHF, FM and HD signals. So you will get the best signal you need for you HDTV. So if you are looking for an outdoor antennas, is the website I will recommend, they have great selections for outdoor antennas for a very affordable prices. You might need to try their channel master outdoor HDTV antennas. For more outdoor antennas selection visit

nursing scrubs

Most people who work in the medical field prefer to wear a solid color on their scrubs. I only seen few of them wearing nursing scrubs with prints on it like an animal or holiday print. I never seen anyone yet wearing a wild animal prints like the one I saw online at They look pretty good! I like the brown one with giraffe print in it. The style is very unique and you can’t see this kind of style at your nearest store. So if you are looking for a purrfectly wild animal prints that you and everyone love, you better check, you will surely find the scrubs you need!

Funny pics of me and my kids

This pic is hilarious! Dana and Dustin are keep laughing while I'm trying to get a nice photo of the three of us. They are so silly that they want to cover the camera with their hands but still I got a nice photo of us, so it's really worth it. I love to see those smile, they are just a happy kids. Love them both!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

costume city coupons

I love collecting coupons online but the problem is, I never use it! I always forgot to bring those coupons especially when we go on shopping. If I don’t use the coupons, I just give it to my friend that way they can use it when they need it. It’s nice to save on shopping sine we spend more for food and other stuff. We try to save money so that we can visit my family in the Philippines next year that’s why this week, I didn’t go out for shopping. Will do then next week when we had extra money for my husband’s paycheck. Anyhow, I know most of you like to save money this year and since everyone are buying costume for the holiday. You might like to get a costume city coupons at that way you don’t need to spend a fortune for a costume!

macadamia oil hair products

I really had a hair problem, my hair is not very healthy and strong. Every time I brushed my hair, I saw a tons of hair in my brush. I am sure if this is normal but my husband told me it is. I think my hair is better now than before. My friend recommend me the macadamia oil hair products from because she’s been using it for a long time now and her hair is truly that healthy and beautiful. Maybe I will give it a try and see how their product works. To find out more about macadamia oil hair products visit!

The kids at Fisherman's Warf Monterey

This photo taken last month when we went to Monterey Bay and stay there for two days. We went to Fisherman's Warf at Monterey and have dinner at one of the finest restaurant there (I forgot the name). It was so funny because when the kids see this candy store and see this big ice cream outside the store. Dana was licking it and dustin was keep laughing so I took a picture of them together. Well, I guess Dana thinks that this ice cream is real hehe :-) she's a funny little girl. They are both adorable.

Friday, September 30, 2011

how to install bathroom tile

I never tried to install a bathroom tile by myself but my husband does. Usually we just hire someone to fix or install the bathroom tile. How about you? Have you done it by yourself? I guess some of you does. Actually my friend and her husband did a really good job on their bathroom. They do it together as a couple and their bathroom turns out really good. It’s hard if you don’t have experience on how to install bathroom tile, maybe you need help with the professionals if you wanted to make it look nice.

Anyhow, we are on the trip here in Alamosa and will stay here for another 2 days, we’re here to look for houses and eventually we didn’t find the house that we like. If we look for a new home to live, we will absolutely check the bathroom and the kitchen. Well, for me it doesn’t matter as long the kitchen is nice and big, they have clean bathroom and of course have a hardwood floor at the living room. If the house needs a little repair then my husband and I need to fix it at least now we know how to install bathroom tile that way next time if we need to remodel the bathroom, then we can do it together as a couple. Helping each other makes the work easier!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Find your dream home in Hawaii!

We’re not sure yet when will be moving but I think next year we will. We already have person from the real estate agent to check this house so that we can put this house on rent. I will surely miss this house, I already love this place but you know, wherever my husband go, I’ll go too.

Finding houses nowadays is not as bad as I thought. You can easily find your dream home directly online. We been looking houses online and so far we had a good results, we just need to visit the town and see the area and make sure they have good neighborhood, near to the store, school and of course quiet and nice town.

Anyhow, people prefer to move next year since the economy is down. So if you are planning to move somewhere where you can have piece of mind with your family and love ones like in Hawaii area. You can count Hawaii real estate at Their featured listings will help you find the house that you wanted. From their website you can search or view the new Maui MLS listings. Don’t give yourself a hard time to find a house or a rented house. Let the professional Hawaii real estate help you with this matter. For more information visit or 1-800-291-5535 or 808-879-3667.

At Pier39, San Francisco

This is my first time to see a sea lion and seals. They are pretty amazing. The kids love it and we really had great time when we visit San Francisco last month. It was a nice trip and hope we can visit San Francisco again next time!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

finding a job

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

I just graduated from college and have been on the job search for about four month now. My friends say that I am being picky, but I really just want to get a job that will allow me to start paying back my student loans and live comfortably. I have applied everywhere from All Home Security to McDonald’s corporate. My undergraduate degree is in public relations. From some places, I have received offers, but the job description seemed like I would just be doing more of glorified administrative secretary work. I really want to be front and center in PR departments and interact with clients or outside agencies. I know that the economy is really tough right now, and eventually I will reach a point where I can’t keep looking. I am going to give myself about three more months before I take anything I can get. I wish they taught a class in college about how to get a job when you graduate! I really didn’t realize that the market was so tough right now. Maybe I should have gone into something where there was a greater demand for workers.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

car gps

People who travel a lot usually have GPS. GPS become very popular nowadays. It’s nice to have one especially if you are not familiar to the City. Without the right direction, you will surely get lost. When my friend move to Denver, she bought a car gps and she likes it. When she wants to go to a place she’s not familiar with, she will just use her car gps. I would like to get one someday, especially that my husband and I are planning to move next year. We’re not sure yet if we will move to a big city or in a small town. But will see. So if you don’t have car gps yet, you can visit, they have great deal on all their car gps.

At Fisherman's Warf San Francisco

This photo taken at the Fisherman's Warf San Francisco. We bought them a seal toy but too bad Dustin lost the other one. I bet he left it somewhere. We really had great time and the kids really had fun too! At the first photo, we're waiting in line to ride a cable car and it took us about 10-15 minutes before we get the ride. It was a long line but its worth the wait! The kids love it and they are very happy to ride cable car especially Dustin! So when we get to the souvenir store, we also bought them a small and a medium cable car for them to play.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

party supply store!

Everyone is talking about parties! I am sure they are all excited about it. Are you? I’m sure you do! If you are planning for a party then is the right website to visit. They offer free shipping on all your orders. They have everything you need for your party. You can choose the party theme that you and your family like. Either its holiday party or seasonal, they have everything covered. You can take advantage of their $1.99 and below supersale!

Actually one of my friend are invited me for her baby shower party next week and the other one is a birthday party too. I don’t think I can make it since because Sunday is our family day and we need to go to Delta to attend assembly. We usually don’t attend any holiday party but when its about get together party, anniversary, graduation and wedding party then we’re in!

So why get all your party stuff at They are one of the party supply store online. You can shop hundreds of sale items and save big at their online store. You can ask for a free catalog or you can sign up to their website and get a special offer, sale notification, new item announcement and more send directly to your e-mail. Visit now and find out what your party theme is!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Photo Booth Rental Vail

Taking pictures is part of my daily routine. I took pictures of myself, my kids, my family and our dogs. I showed it to my family and friends through social networking on facebook. Who wouldn’t want to take pictures? I think it’s all part of people’s lives. When you go for a vacation or for a trip, camera and video camcorder is never been forgotten. Even your cellphone, you can still take pictures on your phone. I keep all the pictures I take and put it on our family album, I also make a scrapbook for the kids, that way when they grow up, they can still see those photos. It’s nice to have old photos, it will be a nice memory to remember.

Anyhow, have you tried the photo booth? I see one at the mall but we never get a chance to try it. I see some teenagers, couple and families inside the photo booth and taking a pictures. It looks like they really have fun taking pictures and wish we could get a photo at one of the photo booth here at the mall. Actually me and my friends are thinking about it. The last time we went there, she told me that maybe we could try to take a picture inside the photo booth next time if we get together again and take it as a remembrance. That’s a good idea, I will surely took one also for me and the kids.

Talking about photo booth, why would someone want to rent a photo booth? Well, since photo booth is kind a popular now and all people like taking pictures, I think renting a photo booth is a good idea. It’s fun to have it especially when you have a party, a wedding or have friends come over! If you want to rent a photo booth, you can visit for Photo Booth Rental Vail. Capture Pod provides a unique photo booth rental with professional quality camera, lighting and printing. They designs their photo booth that is both functional and attractive. So if you are interested and want to rent a Photo Booth. You can request information directly to their website or you can check out the Vail information.

My little captain...

Look at my little captain here! They pretend to be a ship captain! This photo taken at Balcluta Fisherman's Warf, San Francisco last month end of August. The kids love it there, especially Dustin. Dustin was curious on everything and he wants to see some more inside the big ship. They have about 4-5 old ships there and I'm glad we get a chance to see them all. Love the trip a lot and hope we can go back there again someday. My husband like San Francisco and I would love to live there, they have a nice weather, nice city, lot of Filipino lives here and they have really nice downtown at Union Square.

Friday, September 16, 2011

best term life insurance

The best life insurance you can get is the term life insurance. Why? Because term life insurance is the cheapest, simplest type of life insurance. All people in different races, countries and languages can even do it. You can’t find any simplest life insurance as this. So if you don’t have insurance yet and still looking? Then look no further, you can visit and find out about the best term life insurance they offer. There are so much to learn about life insurance so you better check it out and find out for yourself. I am sure you will get the right insurance you need.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Collection Agency you trust

One of the professional services that I will recommend especially when it comes to collection agency is the Kaplan Group. Why? They been in the business for 35 years, they provides a variety of commercial collection and consulting services. They have the best team and have numerous professional collection organization. The best thing is they have in house attorney to help you with this matter. Their expert debt collection attorneys will help you settle the debtor matter, they use their negotiation strategy to collect the large claims and since they provide a free final demand, you can request for that via on line, fax or by mail. So if you are interested and need help from the Kaplan Group Collection Agency, visit and feel free to request a quote or call this number 805-541-2639 for more information.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

at the pool...

Kids loving the pool a lot! When we stay 4 nights at the Courtyard Marriot in Sacramento California, every afternoon or even at night at 8:00pm, we are still in the pool swimming since no one was there. Dana was so funny, you can see at the first photo. She's trying to taste and lick the water. Then Dustin is trying to dip himself under the water. The pool is just 4ft-5ft, it's not really deep, just perfect for the kids. Not with Dana though, that's why she needs to hold tight!

metal building

If you need a metal building company to help you build a storage for your home or business or even a garage for your family RV, car and boat then crown international steel building system is the one you need. They are manufacturers of high quality steel arch buildings. You can see all the models at and see if you find the model you like that perfect for your storage or garage. If you are wondering how much this all cost, you can give them a call at this number 1-800-457-2206 or you can visit their website and get the online pricing.

Friday, September 9, 2011

buy nursing scrubs

Looking for a high quality nursing scrubs? Then you came to the right place! You can find a high quality scrubs at They are highly recommended especially when it comes to medical scrubs. Their scrubs are really popular and all of their customers are very satisfied on their product. Their scrub hats are very fashionable and classy. You can choose either pixie style, pony and poppy style. About their scrubs, they have 16 different colors in both the original and simple styles for women. You can choose your favorite color, style and size.

Why buy those cheap scrubs if you can get a high quality scrubs at I have few friends who work in the hospital, nursing homes and dental clinic. They are wearing scrubs and medical uniforms and I wonder where they bought their scrubs? Maybe at the store or online?

Anyhow, I will absolutely recommend blueskyscrubs to them. They will surely find the scrubs they need. Guess what? They also carry lab coats, shirts, jackets and accessories and all their scrubs are available for both men and women, kids and babies too! Their blue sky kids are look adorable. So what are you waiting for? You better buy nursing scrubs at!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Learn how to swim

Mike is teaching Dustin how to swim. The water is only 3-4ft so its not really deep. Just perfect for Dustin. He really loves to swim even though he still don't know how to swim by himself. Dana having fun too! The water got a perfect temperature, its warm and cozy. I would love to swim with them but I still have my period, so I need to wait for couple of days. Daddy have a good time too playing with the kids. This photo taken at the Courtyard Marriot Hotel, Sacramento California. We stayed 4 nights and 5 days since we had our 3 days convention at Sacramento Convention Center, downtown. After that we're headed to San Francisco to see the City and also to renew my passport.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

swim wear

My kids and I love swimming. Actually when we went to Sacramento California to attend our convention, every afternoon, we went swimming at the hotel since they have outside pool. We stay in Sacramento for 4 nights so the kids really had fun swimming. Mike doesn’t like the swimsuit I got for my little girl because it was little bit loose and we decided to buy her another one. I also brought my old swimsuit that I usually wear on swimming. When we get back to Colorado, I would like to buy a new pair of swim wear.

Talking about swim wear, I found a nice swim wear online at and the price is very affordable. That leopard bandeau bikini is cute. That will be look fabulous on our next swimming trip at Gleenwood Spring or maybe Hot Spring in Ouray. How about you? Got a new pair of swim wear? Well, better look no further! You can get it online for a very affordable price. All you have to do is visit, you might find the swim wear that meets your style and budget. From top to bottom, they got it all for you. Hurry and visit their website now and find your swim wear!

Dustin first day of school

... was amazing! Dustin was so excited, he is very excited to learn new things. He is not shy at all. He give shake hands to all the kids and give them a hug too. He didn't hesitate to introduce himself to everyone. The teacher said, he is very smart kid and very friendly too! Since we been out on vacation for about 11 days and Dustin will be back on school when we get back to our vacation. Last Tuesday, we take him to his class and he was so happy but the problem is, we came an hour early. So we get back to the car and headed back home but then Dustin was crying and he said 'he really want to go to school'. We told him, he don't need to cry because will come back after an hour. We just came early, its my fault though because I didn't clarify the schedule. Anyhow, he was so happy to enter his classroom and he says hi to everyone. That's a good thing, because he was very interested in school and wants to learn more in school.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

web and video conferencing

We’re just done packing our stuff for tomorrow’s trip and right now, I was trying to finish some of my assignments online. My husband also finish his last post on our doggy’s blog. We already got one customer in our dog elbow protector and hopefully we can get some more this coming more days. Anyhow, while browsing online, I bumped to this website at web conferencing. If you don’t know what product they will offer, you can visit their website and see how their software works. They have affordable web and video conferencing software that I’m sure most of the businesses use. If you are interested, please visit and try mega meeting professional for free!

Packing our stuff!

We are all excited for our trip tomorrow in California. We’re just done packing all our stuff. Right now, we are watching America’s Got Talent and after this show, we will go to bed early and get ready for tomorrow! Praying for our safe trip! We will surely have a lot of fun in California, we’ll see nice places in California and will surely go to Red Woods, go to 17 miles drive, ride at the Cable Car and see the Golden Bridge. So hopefully the weather will be nice. Pray for our safeness! Will keep you update when we get back. Happy blogging to all and have a great day!

challenge coin

People like to collect stuff like coins, toys, purses, dolls, shoes and other things. I am sure many of you does. One of my friend like to collect old stuff toys and I bet she has already a lot of toy collection in her bedroom, I wonder what will be her next collection. Well, talking about coins, if you are planning to collect different kind of coins, you might like to visit and try their challenge coin. It’s free coin drawing if you sign up. So hurry! Start collecting your coins now at!

Monday, August 15, 2011

celtic jewelry

Mae West, a famous American actress once said: “I have always felt a gift diamond shines so much better than one you buy for yourself“. I love jewelry and I know most of you do. So if you are looking for celtic jewelry, is the website I absolutely recommend. Their celtic jewelry look fabulous and I am sure most women love this kind of jewelry. Very elegant and a true piece of art. They offer the best celtic jewelry from rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings and cufflinks. You might like to look at their claddagh ring selection and choose either the white gold and gold claddagh ring with diamond and emerald pointed heart. This will be a perfect gift to your girlfriend or wife. It’s available in all ring sizes!

If you are getting married and looking for a ring on your wedding, you might like their celtic wedding jewelry selection too. Of course all their jewelry are created in Ireland. You can see the quality of each of their designs and the craftsmanship of all their jewelry. Make your wedding day a very special day, full of love and loyalty from the heart of Ireland. So why not follow Mae West advice and buy celtic jewelry gift from irishheart and give it to someone you love?

Working with our new website...

Our website is up now, we're still working with it, feel free to visit and leave comments. This website is all about dogs and the elbow protector that we invent. You can just take a look and tell as what you think. We really need your feed back to this. Don't forget to click "like". We'll keep you all updated to our upcoming elbow protector products. Have a good day!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

GPS for truckers

If you need to know where you are then gps is way to go. You can find great deals on gps for truckers at You don’t need to worry about finding the place to go because gps can lead you the way! Most people prefer to have gps in their car especially when they travel. It’s easy to use than buying and following a map. So if you are looking for an affordable gps then gps truckers from is the one you need. Visit now and compare their GPS prices!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hawaii MLS

One of the Island that I really like the most is the Island of Hawaii. Many people thinks that Island of Hawaii is such a beautiful place to live. Who wouldn’t want to live in a place like Hawaii where you can find a lot of breathtaking views especially their beaches. You will absolutely appreciate the beauty of nature. There are so many attractions in Hawaii that most people love to see and I would love to see one of them someday. No wonder my friend from Denver moved to Hawaii.

Anyhow, while browsing Hawaii MLS, I came across to this website Travel Information Hawaii at, they truly have the information you need. You might get interested to know the multiple listing services, price: listing and selling and also the interesting facts and property listings in Hawaii. For more travel information in Hawaii, visit their Hawaii travel blog at! feel free to leave a reply!

Just for fun!

We just bought our camcorder last Sunday and when we get home, I'm started to take photos and try how it works. It seems pretty good but I still don't know how to adjust the color. The color at this picture is not that clear but it works okay. I took some videos too, you know just for fun. We will use this camcorder in our vacation this month in California and I am kind a excited about it. Can't wait to use it in our vacation!

Florida Everglades

My friend talks about Florida a lot since they been there couple times a year for a family vacation. Her husband took them at the popular places in Florida especially in Disney Parks and do a lot of activities at Everglades. I never been to Florida but my husband does. My mother in law usually visit Florida once a year but I am not sure if she did visit Florida this year. My husband would love to go to Florida and show me how pretty Florida is. He mentioned the Key Largo and Key West and of course Everglades.

I don’t know so much about Everglades, that’s why searching online helps me a little bit to familiar the place. Well, there are so much you can do in Everglades. You might find an exotic wildlife in the area and many people like the airboat ride. Do you? I would love to experience that exciting excursion through the Everglades! I am sure it would really fun. I also consider to live in Florida, I think Florida is a nice place to live. They have great Florida home builder out there and the houses are look great! It might be expensive but I think it’s worth it. I knew some friends that I met online who live in Florida and they are very happy that they found their dream home in a nice neighborhood of Florida Everglades.

So if you want to find out more about Florida Everglades, you might like to visit their website at This place is very rare and beautiful that many people from other country love to see. And of course don’t forget to visit, they are the one you need when you planned to build your Florida dream home. They are firmly committed to building exceptional residences and creating better communities for their customer. Who knows! With the help of kolter homes, you can build your Florida dream vacation home in no time!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Appliance Removal Chicago

Junk take a lot of space in the house. If you can’t do something with it, then you better try to sell it to garage sale or give it to someone. If you having hard time getting rid of your unwanted appliances then you might need to contact the Appliance Removal Chicago. If you leave near Chicago, then this is the right website for you. You can visit their website at They are in their business since 1989. They are a trusted company that you can rely on especially when it comes to junk removal.

Here’s what I like in their service. They don’t just remove your junk but they try their best to recycle and donate to local charities as much as possible. Isn’t that wonderful? Their service is very affordable and they have a lot of fully satisfied clients around Chicago that been using their service. If you try their service now, I am sure you won’t regret it!

Why do it yourself if they can do it for you for less? Don’t waste your time and give them a call right now! House full of junk is not good. Not only that junk takes a lot of space in the house, it also attracts spiders and other bugs. Visit for more information about their service and find out what kind of junk they take.

She know how to paddle now!

Some says that Dana is way too young to ride her bike. But you know what? I think they can ride a bike whenever they are ready. Dana is 29 months old and she already know how to ride her bike. She just learn how to paddle and this is the video I took 2 days ago. Isn't she cutie? Good job Dana!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Big and Tall Clothing

Sometimes it’s hard for big guys to find clothing. You need to visit particular store to get the size you need. Some store don’t carry those Big and Tall Clothing. That’s why shopping online is the best way to do. Why? Well, If you don’t have time to shop, just send your size to them and they will send you the clothes! Isn’t that very easy? If you think finding big and tall clothing is hard, not anymore! You can shop online in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is visit and get the clothing you like that meets your size, style and budget. They have a lot to offer! They also carry a wide selections of shoes and belts, underwear and sleepwear, active wear, summer HQ and more clothing!

If I were you, I will just sit down in front of the computer and order the size you want and wait for couple of days to get your order to deliver. So if you are looking for a big and tall clothing. Look no further because kingsizedirect offer more for less in big and tall sizes! Find out their new arrivals now! They have over 100 new arrivals including NFL apparel, graphic tees, russell athletic dri-power and the guys club. What are you waiting for? Shop now at kingsizedirect!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

dog beds

Do you have dogs? Dogs are just like people. You give them something comfortable, they love it. They want to stay there all the time. What’s more comfortable than laying down in a soft dog beds? Talking about dog beds, funny fur have all the pet products you need, from dog costumes, accessories, apparel, carriers, collars and harnesses, dog furniture, toys and more!

While browsing dog beds at, I saw this nice luxury outdoor bed. They look fabulous! Look at the dogs in the picture, they look very comfortable on that bed and feels like they really love it. They look adorable, I am sure our dog will feel like that too if we can buy them an outdoor bed. They usually stay in their kennel on the day and stay inside the house at night. So, If we put two outdoor bed in their kennel and an indoor futon bed inside the house, I am sure they would love us more! How about your dogs?

If you want to pampered your dog with this comfortable luxury dog beds, look no further because has all you need. You can’t find those luxurious dog beds anywhere, I guess they are only available online. So for more dog beds selection, visit funny and give your dog the best dog beds ever!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meet him at the credit union...

I receive a call this morning from my husband, he told us to get ready and hop on the car and meet him at the credit union office. The kids and I are not ready yet, so I change the kids really quick, put the dogs in their kennel and change too. It was hot day outside but I'm glad the road is not that traffic. While driving around town, I see my husband truck while his turning left in the curve, he's waiting for me and I just follow his truck and we go together at the credit union office. We're applying a new account with my name to it so I'm glad we're done for the day. Of course, its already lunch time when we get done, me and the kids stop by at the Dairy Queen and get a chicken platter with strawberry shake then we went to family dollar to buy some few things. Dana is not being a good girl, she's really crabby so we didn't stay too long in the store, we drive home and eat the DQ lunch and now Dana and Dustin are happy!

video surveillance

There are a lot of violence things going on all around the world. It was scary sometimes especially if you live alone, no one will protect you on that matters, that’s why some household has a security system inside and outside their house. They get help right away when this thing occurs. Even in a small and big businesses, they have videosurveillance. Robbery is very popular nowadays, I just heard the news last night, they rob one of the store here in the area and it’s scary you know, what if you are on that situation? With the help of their video surveillance, they caught the bad guys right away. I am sure they will stay in jail for years.

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Daughter

I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers

My daughter loves living by herself but I just don’t get it. I think it would be much more fun and much safer if she were to get a roommate but she says she likes how quiet it is and she likes being able to keep the house as neat or messy as she pleases. I made her go to Http:// because I was worried about her safety but she seems to think she’s fully capable of handling herself in that townhome! My husband tells me I need to leave her alone, that I’m smothering her, but I feel like since I’m her mom that’s what she expects me to do anyway, right? I think she could save a lot of money on her mortgage by getting a roommate for that second bedroom but she won’t listen to me anyway. I guess it’s not really my place to say who lives in her house and who doesn’t so I’ll leave it up to Karen to decide these kinds of things for herself!

ready to ride...

Dana can't wait to ride her bike outside, she's already riding her bike in the garage. We just bought her a pink Dora helmet and she loves it. She's already know that she needs to wear helmet when she ride her bike as well as Dustin. Good for her! she just need to wait for couple minutes after mommy and daddy finish dinner and when the sun down around 8:00pm, well go for a walk in the block. Are you excited to walk around the block Dana? So just wait for a minute okay? (smile)

Saturday, July 30, 2011

oldies but goodies

What are your favorite old songs? Are you thinking of buying old songs and keep it on your old music collection? Many people still like to purchase those kind of music, even now you can still hear songs from 50s to 80s on the radio. My husband has some old CD’s from 70s and 80s. I can’t remember the title of the song but whenever we go travel or go for a ride, we listen those old music just like David Boowie songs, ABBA, Carpenters and Rolling Stones. My favorite one is ABBA and Carpenters. I always hear their music in Karaoke since my friend and I love to go to Karaoke bar. How about you? I am sure you are familiar on those old songs from Abba and Carpenters and other old music from those popular artist like Elvis Presley.

If you differentiate the music before and today, it seems very different. I can still recall my favorite old songs when I was in high school and whenever my friend and I sing at the karaoke bar, we usually choose the carpenters and abba music. I know there are many old songs out there that stay on many peoples heart. Music is like a treasure, those songs that remains in our heart. We cry, laugh, sad and feel in love again just by listening those music. And it can also help one feel younger and happier. That’s why popular old songs never be forgotten.

So, If you are looking for those old songs and want to add it on your old music collection or give it to someone who love to collect old music, then no worry because oldies but goodies at has all the old music that you are looking for, from 1960s to 1980’s songs. Choose from over 15 million songs available at their website. And when it comes to old music, they are the number one source! Don’t forget to listen old music at oldies radio station at!