Saturday, January 22, 2011

Acting like a big sister...

Dana will turn 2 next month, February 26th and his brother just turn 5 last January 2nd. Dana was so funny because she acted like a big sister to Dustin. She yelled his brother and tell Dustin what to do. But they get along very well, they play nice to each other but sometimes Dana like Dustin's toy better than her toy. Just like yesterday when we receive the package from their Grandma. Dustin got woody and buzz light from toy story movie and Dana got a new little dolly and a talking puppy. Instead of playing her new toy, she grab Dustin's toy and she say “this is mine”. Well, that's not good because Dustin really like his woody, we might need to get another woody for Dana so that they won't fight with that toy.

This morning when she woke up, she started to like her talking puppy. She laughs every time she hear the word “that's tickle” when she press puppy's tummy and foot. She likes it when the puppy sing head, shoulder, knees and toes. That was a really cool toy! Thanks to Grandma for sending them this wonderful cool toys!

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