Thursday, January 6, 2011

Dustin just turn 5!

Dustin just turns five last January 2nd. I tell him the night before that when he walk up in the morning, he will turn 5 already so if someone ask your age, tell them that you are 5 years old. He never forget it because when he walk up, he told me right away that “mommy I am 5 years old today! I am a big boy now and I will go to school this year! He is such a cutie boy. When her Grandma calls, he also told her Grandma that he just turn 5 and now he is a big boy like his daddy. Grandma say yes and she is so glad that Dustin was born. Dustin reminds his father a lot when he was a little boy and that makes Grandma happy. Of course as a mother I am very proud to have him as my son. We don’t celebrate birthday so that day is just a regular day to us. But at least he already know that January 2nd is his birth date.

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