Saturday, January 8, 2011

I left my phone in the car!

Last Thursday, I invited my friend to come over here in the house. We will cook Filipino food for lunch. We cook dried fish, pancit canton and we open two can of century tuna mechado flavor and chili corn flavor. It was nice and while we are eating, I noticed that my phone is not ringing. My other friend supposed to call me today because I invited her as well. I was thinking maybe she can’t come today, maybe she is busy? Well, I need to give her a call and suddenly I couldn’t find my phone and now I remember, I left my phone in the car and when I got it, I already got two miscall from her. Too late because it was 3:00pm in the afternoon when I found out. Anyhow, talking about phone, I mentioned to my other blog about blackberry and guess what? has great selections of their blackberry curve. Check out and see their blackberry phones!

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