Tuesday, January 11, 2011

my kids condition...

I never tried sleeping pills before. I never had any problem like insomia or something. If I can’t sleep at night, I know there’s a reason to it either I stay up all night with friends or I stay up all night because my kids are not feeling well. Just like last night, my husband and I didn’t have enough sleep because of my kids condition. They are both not feeling well and we might take them to do the Doctor if Dustin’s condition will get worst. Too sad to see Dustin in pain last night especially when he throws up and complain that his tummy‘s hurt. I think he eat something that it didn’t digest well or he might got something, might be a flu? Well, hope its not! We didn’t take them to the doctor for a flu shot yet. So far, he is feeling okay now, he just had soup and soda, Dana looks okay too because she was playing her toys and watching her favorite movie. But me and my husband are both tired, we might end up sleeping this afternoon, we need to take a rest :)

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