Tuesday, January 11, 2011

They are both sick...

Last night was terrible, my husband and I didn’t have enough sleep. My two kids are both sick. Dustin was throwing up all night and his tummy was very upset. He keep coming back in the bathroom, he keep crying and I am very worried. Wish he don’t have this kind of pain. I touch his head and he was cold and sweaty. I am awake all night just to make sure he is fine. Well, I guess I sleep an hour or two but every time I hear him crying, I woke up right away and give him comfort. Dana has a fever but she sleep pretty good after I gave her fever reducer. My husband sleep on Dustin’s room last night to make sure that he won’t throw up in his bed. Since he don’t have enough sleep last night, he decided to stay home with us and not to go work today. We need to keep an eye on them that way if Dustin get’s worst, we might take him to the doctor. Hope they will feel better now. So hard to see them getting sick.

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