Friday, February 25, 2011

Dustin race track!

This is the race track we got for him, he is now happy playing his new race track. He is now racing all his cars! This will keep him busy for a while hehe :-)

happy in his new race car track!

Daddy bought a nice present to Dustin which is the race car track. Dustin was so happy in his new race car track! He played it right away when he get home and he is so excited and having fun playing with it. While he’s playing I was preparing dinner and make the table ready, I took some of the kitchen utensils out from the drawers too and I noticed that most of the steak knife are in the dish washer and they are dirty so I need to wash some of them. Anyhow, talking about kitchen utensils, if you are planning to buy kitchen utensils online, you might like to visit, they have all the kitchen utensils you need and find out the new rosle products for the year 2011.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

need a pair of prescription sunglasses

I never had eye problem ever since I came here in the United States. I remember my last eye check up when I start reading those letters in distance, I can’t hardly see it, its very blur and not clear. I think it’s because of the light? I think it is the light that bothers me but my husband suggest that I need to get a pair of prescription sun glasses. But then I insist not to buy because I don’t like it when I wear prescription sun glasses. I will probably get one someday, now that I know where to get a prescription sun glasses online.

I heard a lot about zennioptical and my friend also recommended me this. She just got her new prescription sun glasses at zenni optical because she had an eye problem. She showed it to me and it looks very fancy. I like to wear fashionable sunglasses with different colors and I have two sunglasses that I always wear all the time. The sun glasses that I have is not a prescription sun glasses, they are just good to wear in the sun. I might need the prescription sun glasses that way I can read my little boy more story book at night before he go to bed and not having problem reading those books when only the night light is on.

Camping in their bedroom

My kids like to play pretend and at this photo, I use big blanket to make their tent. They are having fun playing together and they both love it. Their bedroom looks so messy because of those blankets and toys all over the floor. Well, it's okay, we can clean that up later after they are done playing.

When they get sick...

Dana was sick yesterday, Tuesday and I feel relief that her fever is gone now, she have a cough this morning when she woke up but no fever at all. Well, that’s a good sign, at least she is starting to get better now. It’s hard to see them getting sick and I didn’t get enough sleep at night because I woke up every time she moves or making some noise. That’s what all mother’s do for their children right? As a mother, I always be there for them whenever they need me. Love them so much and hopefully Dana will get better soon!

Friday, February 18, 2011

weaning my girl next month!

Thinking of gaining weight after I stop nursing my baby is not good at all. I don’t want to gain much weight and buy new bigger clothes. I am sure I don’t look good if I gain weight and I will going to miss some of my favorite clothes. Well, it’s not happening yet but if it does? I will probably try those weight loss pills that work or try to limit the food I eat that will help to keep my weight the same. For me, it’s okay to gain weight a little bit since I am just 87 lbs. Next month, I will start weaning my little girl for breastfeeding, I know it will be hard but it will be okay.

good mood!

I'm so happy that the outcome of my husband diet is working pretty good. He lose about almost 20 lbs now and more to go! I don't want him to lose weight quickly because I don't want him to get sick, I am sure he doesn't starve himself for his diet but I always want him to be healthy of course. He do pretty good though, when he came home from work, he got a chance to go workout in the garage and pretty much he always in good mood!

free acne!

I was looking myself at the mirror and remember those times when I have a really bad acne on my face. That was long time ago in my high school days. My face look terrible and make me feel conscious to go to school because of having bad pimples and acne. If I knew it earlier about the acne scar removal, I wouldn't suffer those bad acne but I'm glad those acne disappear before I went to college. Well, not now! I see myself in the mirror and doesn't see those bad acne at all. Makes me happy that my face is free acne now!

Doesn't need her high chair!

We put the high chair in the garage because we don't need the high chair anymore. She doesn't like to sit her high chair now, she thinks she is big enough to sit with us in a big chair. She is such a smart little girl, she will turn 2 this coming 26th of February. When we eat dinner at the table, she complains to get her own Tinkerbell place mat and has her plate at the table. She eat pretty good and she also imitating her daddy when my husband start to lead the prayer. She says “Amen” after the prayer and give everyone a kiss. Isn't that sweet? She knows what to do and after she eat her food, she will say “excuse me, Dana is done eating”. Make me so proud and happy for my two wonderful kids!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

remove spyware for free!

I remember those times when our computer been attack with viruses and one of them is the trojan fakealert. I was devastated and worried because maybe we can’t find solution to get rid of those virus. Those virus cause the computer to shut down with its own and freeze all the time. I hate it when it happens, I am glad we get a good anti-virus in our computer now and I don’t need to worry about virus again. Anyhow, if you need to make your computer safe, you need to try the They have windows security alert and system tool 2011. You might find it interested if you give it a try and get a step by step spyware removal instructions directly to their website.

daily deals

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Monday, February 14, 2011

Play in the bathroom?

There are a lot of place to play inside the house but why dana is fascinated in the badroom? She likes to play in the bathroom and clean the toilet. She will turn 2 this month of 26th. She is not big enough to clean the bathroom. Everytime I do something and let them play in the living room and watch their movie, in a few minutes when I look back, she's not in the living room anymore instead she is in the bathroom playing and splashing in the toilet. This little kiddo, makes me crazy! I told her that bathroom is not a safe place to play, I always close the bathroom but he is smart enough to open it. So I need to keep an eye on her all the time. What a kiddo!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

need new pans!

My husband and I was talking about what kind of pans we will going to use if ever we will buy a new kitchenware’s next time. Ours old pans needs to go and we would like to get the iron non sticky pans. I’m not sure how much but I am sure it’s not that expensive. I was looking for kitchenware online and came across to this website at They have great selections for all their kitchenware’s from steak knife, their le creuset sale, Viking cookware, stand mixers, stainless cookware, French skillet and more. They have good price also on their cuisinart griddler, we don’t have griddler yet and that’s the one we were going to buy next time and the iron skillet too. So hopefully we can buy those if ever we have an extra budget this month.

not working right...

My laptop is not working right this morning, it always froze and the connection was very slow. That’s why I use the desktop computers of my husband. His working today so I have time to use his computer while I’m trying to fix my laptop. It takes a while to load and maybe it will be okay later if the updates already done uploading. Every time the updates showed up, it cause problem in my computer, I don’t know why. It’s very slow to load, maybe I need to bring this laptop where I bought this and let them fix it or I might need to restore my pc again.

Photo Collage

This photo taken yesterday around lunch time. We got a lot of snow yesterday and the kids having fun playing in the snow! I had a lot of fun too playing with them! I make this photo collage as a remembrance. Daddy is not in the picture because he was at work, just me and the kids for now. I will make another photo collage for our family next time maybe this weekend, if the snow won't melt of course hehe :-)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Megan Fox Fansite

Are you a fan of Megan Fox? I saw one of her popular movie the Transformers and that movie are awesome! My husband and my 5 year old son love that movie. Actually we bought a Transformers DVD so that we can watch it in the house any time we want. I think my 5 year old son watch it many times as we do, because he like those cars and truck transforms into robots. I like Megan Fox, she is very gorgeous and she act pretty good. So if you are one of Megan Fox fans, you better visit and become a member on their fansite. You can watch her videos and photos. Check out for more update on her new upcoming movies..

Friday, February 4, 2011

cat furniture

To all cat lovers out there, you can visit where you can find all luxurious cat furniture. Pampered your cat with this amazing cat tree. I am sure your cat would love it. My husband and I are dog lovers and we don't have a cat in the house but if you are one of those people who loves your cat very much and treat your cat as a part of your family. Give them the best gift that they surely love. Get cat furniture at

Thursday, February 3, 2011

home remedies for odor removal austin

Midwest got a lot of snow this year, I’m glad we didn’t get a lot of snow here in the Valley but this morning the weather is way too cold for me. Not get used to it to go out when the temperature goes down to 0 degrees. I saw one of the picture online where they got a foot snow and most of the school and other stores are closed. Most cars on the road are getting stock and there’s no way out!

So if the snow will melt, I am sure it will cause flood. I have a friend who live in the Midwest, they are having problem now because their basement are flooding. So I told her, they need to call restoration service to help them with this matter and I think they will call someone. Talking about restoration service, offer water extraction, if you want to find it out, try to look for home flood damage austin at their website. They also have information about home remedies for odor removal austin. Problem like this is not easy especially if you having a flood or fire in the house. It can leave a bad smell, so good thing also has household odor removal austin information so I might need to look for that to give me idea on how to remove odor using their home remedies.

Dustin riding Princess...

Princess doesn't mind at all when Dustin sit down in her back. They are just laying in the patio and as you can see here, the patio is not finished yet. We put a rope the way they can stay in the patio and not going to the kitchen while where eating. What a great smile Dustin!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

bath towels...

It's very important that when you have guest in the house, you will let them use the new bath towels. That's why me and my husband has new towels for the guest and visitors in the house. We separate our bath towels that we usually used. Well, as long the towels are all clean and wash, I think that's okay. Anyhow, we've love to get new towels since we used some of them for the dogs. I saw a nice bath towel and bath accessories at I think most of the luxurious hotels have this kind of towels. Very elegant and unique, to see the guest towels collection and guest towel trays visit!