Wednesday, February 9, 2011

need new pans!

My husband and I was talking about what kind of pans we will going to use if ever we will buy a new kitchenware’s next time. Ours old pans needs to go and we would like to get the iron non sticky pans. I’m not sure how much but I am sure it’s not that expensive. I was looking for kitchenware online and came across to this website at They have great selections for all their kitchenware’s from steak knife, their le creuset sale, Viking cookware, stand mixers, stainless cookware, French skillet and more. They have good price also on their cuisinart griddler, we don’t have griddler yet and that’s the one we were going to buy next time and the iron skillet too. So hopefully we can buy those if ever we have an extra budget this month.

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