Wednesday, February 23, 2011

need a pair of prescription sunglasses

I never had eye problem ever since I came here in the United States. I remember my last eye check up when I start reading those letters in distance, I can’t hardly see it, its very blur and not clear. I think it’s because of the light? I think it is the light that bothers me but my husband suggest that I need to get a pair of prescription sun glasses. But then I insist not to buy because I don’t like it when I wear prescription sun glasses. I will probably get one someday, now that I know where to get a prescription sun glasses online.

I heard a lot about zennioptical and my friend also recommended me this. She just got her new prescription sun glasses at zenni optical because she had an eye problem. She showed it to me and it looks very fancy. I like to wear fashionable sunglasses with different colors and I have two sunglasses that I always wear all the time. The sun glasses that I have is not a prescription sun glasses, they are just good to wear in the sun. I might need the prescription sun glasses that way I can read my little boy more story book at night before he go to bed and not having problem reading those books when only the night light is on.

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