Tuesday, March 29, 2011

sales jobs

I missed my family and friends in the Philippines. It's been a long time I didn't talk with my best friend and the last time I talk with her, she told me that she is looking for a job. I know its hard to find a job especially if you don't finish your studies. But she is really good on selling so I bet sales job is a perfect job for her. If I could help her find a job, she would be happy. Good thing I found available sales jobs at and hopefully she will be lucky this time.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Extra cash here!

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Dana having fun in the swing!

Dana loves to be in the swing! She's not scared at all! Look how happy she is here! She laughs and laughs, she is such a cutie! it makes me happy to see her smile. Love you baby!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

He got dark circle under his eyes!

Are you a late sleeper? Have problem sleeping at night? Worrying about those dark circles under the eyes? My 5 year old son has a dark circle under his eyes and I think lack of sleep is the cause of it. He doesn’t want to take a nap in the afternoon and even he is tired and sleepy, he doesn’t want to go sleep instead he wants to play computer and play his car in his bedroom. Good thing I don’t have dark circle under my eyes. Before when I was single, I struggle with dark circle under my eye because I always stay out late and go home early in the morning. Good thing I found out on how to remove dark circles. If you want to know how, visit

Sweet moment of Dustin and Dana

It was pretty cold and windy that time when they have a children's party held at the park but the kids doesn't mind it at all! They are having fun and that really matter the most. Dustin was really sweet, he is hugging and holding her sister. Good thing Dana has scarf and hat to wear that way she won't be cold.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

latest laptops

I was browsing laptops online and I’m kind a curious on what latest laptops available now in the market. I bet the laptop we got is one of the latest because one of the guy who introduce us to this laptop say so. I am not really sure but good thing I can still easily find those latest laptops online and if you are planning to buy latest laptops or wants to read laptop reviews before buying it, you might like to get it online at, they have great selections of all their netbooks and laptops, you can compare prices and see the demo. Visit now at!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Painting at the party...

Yesterday afternoon around 2-5pm, Lisa one of our sister in our congregation invited us to come for a children party that will be held at the Eagle Rim Park. The kids will do painting and they have a game where they need to act or draw their favorite bible character that be found in their bible story book. The kids having fun especially Dustin. He did paint the bird house and butterfly. You can see his artwork at the photo above. As well as Dana, she did paint too, I help her a little bit and as you can see, she is really serious on what she’s doing. What a nice party they had! They get a chance to play at the playground too after they eat. Dana having fun at the swing! Even though it was pretty windy yesterday, it doesn’t stop the kids to have fun and enjoy the party!

Wean for breastfeeding

I was trying to wean Dana for breastfeeding and today is the start. She did pretty good though, every time she ask to nurse, I offer her something and give her milk in his bottle, water or juice. Do you know what I did? I put 2 band aid in my two breast to cover it. I tell her that I have a bobo (cut). I will try this trick if its work. Will see what happen after a week. She can only nurse at night since she still sleeping with us in our bedroom. She still don’t want to sleep in her crib and when she started to sleep for the whole night then that’s the time that I could stop nursing her. Hopefully this trick will work, its an easy way to wean them for breastfeeding.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dustin's parking lot

Kind a neat isn't it? This is what he do to all his cars. He make a parking lot next to his race tracks. He only parks those cars that he really like the most. Most of his cars still in his box. He keep it by colors and styles. He is really organized. As you can see on this photo, he parks his car according to the colors, he will add some more later! :-)

their habits...

Biting the fingernail is one of Dustin’s habit. I think he got that from his dad because I saw Mike biting his fingernails instead of using nail cutter to cut his nails. I always remind him not to do that because his nails is getting shorter, I told him to tell me right away if he needs to cut his nails. I’m glad Dana didn’t got that kind of habit, instead she has a habit where she put her finger in her nose and it doesn’t look good at all! I think she saw his brother doing that one time and now she did it. Now, I need to keep an eye on her and make sure she doesn’t do it again, I don’t like it when she do it in public.

very upset...

Dana was not being good in the meeting today. She was very upset. She wants to play the lotion and I took it away from her because I don’t want the lotion spell all over. She was crying a lot so I took her out in the bathroom. She still didn’t stop, she says she wants to sit on her dad and I say no, I will let her out if she’s done crying but it didn’t help. She is getting wild and wants to do what she wants. She look tired and sleepy, she cry until the meeting is done. She always asking for a tissue because she doesn’t like it when her eyes wet and get her nose stuffy. She is hilarious because when we’re in the car and her brother Dustin was laughing, she scream and say “dustin stop laughing!”. So we all laugh anyway. She was sleeping right now and I’m glad she is done crying. Poor little Dana, she was really upset because of the lotion bottle.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

They are racing!

Dustin got two race track for his cars and since Dustin got hundreds of hotwheels and matchbox cars, this can help him to get busy and play those cars and play racing with her little sister. It's nice that he share his race track to Dana.

Friday, March 4, 2011

stop smoking

I talk with my cousin few days ago and I ask her if she still smoking and she say yes. She smoke whenever she is depressed or have problem. I told her that she needs to stop smoking for the sake of her kids. Smoking is bad for everyone’s health. I know many people out there are struggling on how to quit this kind of habit. It’s hard to quit if you really into it. If you need help with this matter, you might need to visit, Their helpful information will help you on how to quit smoking.