Sunday, March 20, 2011

very upset...

Dana was not being good in the meeting today. She was very upset. She wants to play the lotion and I took it away from her because I don’t want the lotion spell all over. She was crying a lot so I took her out in the bathroom. She still didn’t stop, she says she wants to sit on her dad and I say no, I will let her out if she’s done crying but it didn’t help. She is getting wild and wants to do what she wants. She look tired and sleepy, she cry until the meeting is done. She always asking for a tissue because she doesn’t like it when her eyes wet and get her nose stuffy. She is hilarious because when we’re in the car and her brother Dustin was laughing, she scream and say “dustin stop laughing!”. So we all laugh anyway. She was sleeping right now and I’m glad she is done crying. Poor little Dana, she was really upset because of the lotion bottle.

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