Friday, April 1, 2011

A Simple Super Sunday

Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

I personally think it is time to just go ahead and accept the fact that the Super Bowl has become a day of national celebration. They should go ahead and formalize the deal and make the following day a national holiday. Our nation has watched a trend that began with congregating in small groups to watch the game grown into ever more formal parties. Party goers consume massive quantities of chips, dips and finger food while guzzling beer. We watch and cheer for the commercials, desperately consult the office pool and every once in a while glances at the game. When it all winds down the idea of dragging our engorged and suds soaked carcass into work the next day is so insane another trend has grown; calling in sick on the Monday after the game.

I am planning a quiet Super Bowl Sunday this year. I expect the game will be an interesting one with two old line teams that have mobile quarterbacks and great defenses. I know that I can see the game better than ever on my new big screen HDTV with its crystal clear picture delivered by DIRECT TV. A friend or two may pop over, but until they make it a national holiday for real I plan on keeping it simple.

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