Saturday, May 28, 2011

while were cleaning the garage...

Last weekend, while were cleaning the garage, our front neighbor are cleaning their two ATVs. I think they took those ATVs on their trip last time when they go on camping. I guess they love to ride their ATVs on mud and dirt because it was really dirty and full of mud. It takes a lot of work to clean those ATVs. Those ATV Tires still look good. I wonder where they bought those ATVs. Anyhow, we are so glad that we finish cleaning the garage. Now we have more space in the garage, we might need to move some of the tables that I usually use for my sewing. That way we can start buying new furniture on Dana’s bedroom that we use as a computer room.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

salt scrubs

I love shopping skin care products online. I only try those products if it has a good consumer feedback to it. Sometimes, I am kind a scared to try new skin care products because maybe it has a side effect on my skin or it might give me bad reaction to it, like giving me pimples, acne or rashes. Sometimes, I am kind a hesitate to buy it online because of the shipping price. Some skin care products are way too expensive and it might not work for me. Anyhow, I visit since my friend recommend this website to me. She told me if I am interested to try one of their salt scrubs. I am not sure but will see, this one is kind a new for me but it’s not bad if I can try one of them isn‘t it. What you think?

Cocao and Dana

Dana loves to feed cocao now. Look at this photo, she give cocao a big hug after she gave cocao a piece of chicken. I bet cocao was so happy for the treat. Aren't they sweet? Cocao is such a sweety girl as well as my little Dana.

hemo rage black

My husband used BSN supplement, he’s been using this for couple of years now. I was wondering if he is familiar with the hemo rage since I just find it out online about hemo rage supplement. At first, I thought that this hemo rage supplement is about loosing blood or something but its not. I was wrong then… hehe Anyhow, good thing has the hemo rage review. Then now, I know what this supplement is all about. If you are curious to know hemo rage black, this is one of the pre-workout supplements that are not designed for the weak. I bet only strong men can use this product. Well, it said such supplements are for those who are looking for intensity after a work out plateau. So if you are looking for intensity after your work out, you might like to try this hemo rage supplement product. Read hemo rage reviews at!

he tease me now...

My husband always tease me now because I gained weight already. I reach 90 lbs since last week. I bet I need a new pair of pants since my size 0 pants are way too tight now. I look at myself in the mirror and I am happy about it. Its not that bad that I gained a little weight because I know it will happen like this because Dana is not nursing so much now. Few more months and she will probably stop nursing and just be content to drink her bottle milk, juice and water. When that time comes, I need to take an extra effort and watch my diet or else I will get and try those weight loss pill that works. But will see…

Dustin Lego Cars

Dustin is more creative now. We bought him this lego cars and he really like it a lot. Every morning when he woke up, he play his lego cars right away. He is building different designs without looking at the instruction. At first, he let us do it and build it and he is just watching us. He is very serious and now he can do it himself and he can do everything he can to build the car in the way he likes.

Friday, May 13, 2011

nurse uniform

While I’m browsing scrubs online, this website at caught my attention. They have the nurse uniform that I really like. I am not working in the medical field but my friend does. I would like to get one of this and give to her as a gift. I am sure she is very happy in her new carrier working at one of the big hospital in LA. Their scrub sets are very affordable so if you are looking for nursing scrubs and medical uniforms, you might like to get one at!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Shop food for the week!

Me and the kids went to City Market today, we do our grocery shopping. It’s kind a hard to shop when the kids is around but I’m thankful that the kids was being good and they didn’t give me hard time. Because of that, I gave them a reward. I bought Dustin his favorite glowing in the dark car and I also bought them hamburger and chicken for lunch. Dana likes the chicken tenders from Burger King. As long they are happy I am also happy. I did a lot of shopping today. I bought some meat, vegetables, fruits and something we need for the week. We get home safe and now I still need to clean the house and finish my task for the day.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Work of art!

I just came home from my friends house, Dana was sleeping and Dustin just playing his game online. I finished cleaning the house and thaw the meat for dinner tonight. Just sitting down here in my computer and checking emails right now. While checking emails, I was searching an art gallery and bumped to this website at, where they have interesting art like the one in victoria art galleries. Those art are amazing! Especially the one in Myfanwy Pavelic, the artists did pretty good! Its a work of art! I also like the Keith Hiscock art. I was really amazed with those photos. The view are perfectly captured and the color are fantastic. Wish I could take a photos like that.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

In the library...

We went to the library this morning and the kids is really excited especially Dana. Dana was looking forward for the tik tak song and the story time. She also like to raise her hand and cooperate in the activity. Just like this morning when they are giving a little duckling, she raise her hand and she got a little duckie. Both her and his brother got a duckie and they need to stand in the front and sing the duck song. She's kind a shy at first but she really know what she's doing. She is very happy and proud that she did it and next thursday we will come back again in the library so that the kids can learn more and get used to it.