Wednesday, June 1, 2011

My Little Shop

Guest post written by Jaque Ernez

Being the proprietor of a pizza, I often times come to the store and personally thank all of my wonderful customers and encourage them to visit me again. I really try to connect with my customer and reveal my personality to them, if that makes sense, so they feel like we have a legitimate connection. I own a number of small businesses, and I am doing just fine when it comes to personal finances√Čbut, I of course care about more than money, and I want to make sure that my customers have a memorable experience and really be glad that out of all the places that they could have gone in New York, they came to mine.

I do everything I can for my customers, and their positive feedback is very important to me. The other day, I was having trouble hearing some of my customers, so I purchased the Hearing Aids Free. I think it'll really help forge that connection even more! Customer service is very important to me, and I believe that is why I've been so successful over the years. The proof is in the pizza.

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