Monday, June 20, 2011

What she's scared about...

Here are what Dana’s scared about. She doesn’t like the sound of an airplane. When she’s outside playing at Dustin’s port or in the slide and hear the loud sound of an airplane. She rattle and scream right away and say “mommy, I’m scared airplane”. I try to make her stop crying and telling her that there’s nothing to scare about. Airplane won’t hurt you, airplane is in the sky and won’t go down to hurt you. I comfort her and make her calm. She will be fine after but it didn’t stop her to get scared on the airplane. Maybe because it was too loud for her and make her scared when she hear it. She also scared on the lawn mower. Yesterday while mike mow the lawn, she doesn’t want to get down. She just want me to hold her until her daddy is done. Hope she will get over this. I think it’s normal for the kids to feel that way. Dustin is like that too when he was on Dana’s age. Is your kids like that also? Scared of the loud sound of an airplane and the mower? Feel free to share your experience!

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