Saturday, July 30, 2011

oldies but goodies

What are your favorite old songs? Are you thinking of buying old songs and keep it on your old music collection? Many people still like to purchase those kind of music, even now you can still hear songs from 50s to 80s on the radio. My husband has some old CD’s from 70s and 80s. I can’t remember the title of the song but whenever we go travel or go for a ride, we listen those old music just like David Boowie songs, ABBA, Carpenters and Rolling Stones. My favorite one is ABBA and Carpenters. I always hear their music in Karaoke since my friend and I love to go to Karaoke bar. How about you? I am sure you are familiar on those old songs from Abba and Carpenters and other old music from those popular artist like Elvis Presley.

If you differentiate the music before and today, it seems very different. I can still recall my favorite old songs when I was in high school and whenever my friend and I sing at the karaoke bar, we usually choose the carpenters and abba music. I know there are many old songs out there that stay on many peoples heart. Music is like a treasure, those songs that remains in our heart. We cry, laugh, sad and feel in love again just by listening those music. And it can also help one feel younger and happier. That’s why popular old songs never be forgotten.

So, If you are looking for those old songs and want to add it on your old music collection or give it to someone who love to collect old music, then no worry because oldies but goodies at has all the old music that you are looking for, from 1960s to 1980’s songs. Choose from over 15 million songs available at their website. And when it comes to old music, they are the number one source! Don’t forget to listen old music at oldies radio station at!

one stop plus

Here’s another website who has all the plus size clothes that you need from plus size formal dresses, shoes, bras and lingerie, swimwear, men’s big and tall and more! You can visit for more sales and special offers. Guess what? They offer a $2.99 shipping! Isn’t that marvelous? So why look to the store near you if you can buy them online in the comfort of your home? It’s way too hot to drive around and shopping online is more convenient that to go to the store.

Anyhow, I will recommend this website to some of my friends who are on size 12 above. Onestopplus has a lot to offer, you better check it out and see if you can find the plus size formal dresses for your upcoming parties or any type of celebration. For plus size women’s clothing, onestopplus is the right website for you to visit, hurry and meet the newest addition to their European collection. They have all the curvy, confident and chic style collection that meets your style and budget. You can sign up for emails and get 20% off on your first order. What are you waiting for? Visit now for more plus size clothes!

Got a Princess toilet seat

We went to Walmart yesterday and buy Dana her Princess toilet seat. I let her choose 3 of the design which is Dora, thinkerbelle and Princess. She peak the Princess design color pink and she likes it. When we get home, she put it right away in the toilet seat and sit down with it right away. But still she didn't pee on her toilet seat. It takes a while before she learns how to pee in the toilet. But at least she already know where to seat when she potty. Sometimes in the morning, I am still having hard time putting her on her toilet seat, she cried a lot and always say that she doesn't like it but after that, she will go there again and sit down for couple minutes and flush the toilet. Just wondering if your kids ages 2-3 have the same problem as my little girl? Feel free to give your comments. Thanks!

plus size clothing

I been searching for plus size fashion online, it’s kind a hard to find it at the store since I am not good on picking the right color and design. I still need someone who are good at it. Some of my friends told me that shopping online for plus size clothing is much more easier than to go to the nearest shopping store in the area. I have some relatives that’s wearing plus size clothing, I am sure they would love it if I buy them some if we come back to my home town next year.

While I’m searching online, I bumped to this website at Jessica, my friend talk about this website before where she got her sister a plus size formal dress. They really had great selection for plus size clothing. I look it up to their final cut summer sale and I like that new top with pintucking and that printed blouse. You might be interested to buy plus size clothing at Jessica London, you can save up to 75% if you take advantage on their final cut summer sale or their up to 70% off sandal sale!

Since it’s summer, you can find your best swim suit at Jessica London, save up to 50% off in all their swim wear collection! It’s buy one get one free so hurry and visit for more plus size fashion!

Dana love Cacoa

This are the latest photo of Dana and Cocao. Dana likes to hug Cocao whenever she can. Cocao seems doesn't mind it, she loves to be hug and also she's looking forward for a treat!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Luxury Senior Living

You been working for years and now its time for you to rest and enjoy life. Many people retired early and some are not. For me, I think 60-65 years old is just a right age for retirement. Some seniors are looking forward for their retirement where they can enjoy their life and spend the rest of their retirement years on enjoyable activities, spending more time with their love ones and family, more travel and of course looking for the best Luxury Senior Living. There are many senior living community around the country and most of them really offer the best service to all their clients and one of them is the cresswind.

Have you heard cresswind before? Cresswind is a resort development that offers year round luxury senior living. If you are looking for a Luxury Senior Living then Cresswind is the right one for you. This is the senior living community that I will absolutely recommend. Their amenities are superb, they offer the best indoor and outdoor activities. I am sure you would love to stay in the place like this where you can enjoy the view, play your favorite indoor and outdoor sports. If I reach that retirement age, I will consider to stay in a place like Cresswind or maybe just go back to my homeland and spend the rest of my life with my kids and family.

What I like about cresswind is that, once you stay in their community, you will feel at home and feel the most content of your life. They have a lot to offer and have 30 clubs and best amenities. You can visit their website and see what else they can offer and you can also look the information for seniors. Request information at or sign up for their newsletter. If you want to know more about cresswind, visit their website or contact them for more details.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

DIY Sweepstakes

Would it be nice if we win sweepstakes this year so that we can travel back to my homeland and visit my family in the Philippines? How about you? Have you ever think about winning a sweepstakes or any kind of contest? I bet you do. Many people try so much things just to win the contest and of course when you join a contest, it takes a lot of practice and you need to work a lot to fulfill that goal. How about in the sweepstakes? Some says, its hard to win in a sweepstakes unless you are lucky enough to be chosen as a winner. You need to keep doing it until you win but you know, it takes a lot of money to do that. Gambling is not my thing but I would love to get a freebies of course.

There are some bloggers I've known online who likes to join online contest and they are very consistent to it. One of my friend from Sweden won a baby contest and she receive some gift certificates and cash but I am not sure how much. There are also some contest which is you need to do it yourself (DIY), means it take some initiative to become a winner. One of the diy sweepstakes I known is the Have you heard this website before? If not, then you better take a look at their website and grab this opportunities. Who knows! Maybe you will be the next winner! They encourage people to take charge of their sweepstakes participation. They have thousands of promotions and enter to win sweepstakes and contests of your choice. So if you like to join contest, sweepstakes and get great freebies, is the right website to visit. Hurry, sign up and join now and have a chance to win! also find out what diy projects are at!

My cutie pie!

I love this photos of my little girl, she is such a cutie pie! We called her pumpkin pie or cutie pie. She is such a darling, she has a nice pretty round eyes and she likes to be in the pictures. Well, like mommy like daughter hehe :-)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Independent Living for Seniors

Are you concerned about your aging parents? I think we all do! My mom is already in her 60's and few more years she will be in her 70's. I always want the best of her, I always want to see her healthy and happy. I live far away from my mom but I have my brother and sister who taking care of her. If they can't do that, I think I can take care of her by myself. Thinking about my mom makes me wants to go back in my hometown and spend more time with her. It's hard to be away from my family but I know they are okay and happy.

Here in the United States, they have independent living for seniors, which is they can live their for good and their family and love ones can visit them any time they want. They have weekly housekeeping so they don't need to do the household chores anymore. They can just relax and enjoy their life. To those retired seniors who love sports like golf, they also have golf community available. Isn't that wonderful to know that our love ones is in the safe and living in a nice community like this and live together with other seniors? I think it is! When I grow old, I would love to live in this kind of community too and still enjoy the rest of my life. That's the difference in the place where I live because they don't have this kind of thing.

Anyhow, I was browsing at the website and see their specials and packages and what things to do in palm beach. They have pretty good information, we will probably visit this website again if we plan to visit Florida someday. So if you plan to visit Florida this year, don't forget to visit Palm Beach visitor information at!

cheap scrubs

Last week when my friend come over in the house, we talk about scrubs since she is planning to sew one for her and for her husband. She already had the pattern but she still trying to figure it out how to sew it and I told her that I can help her with that. She can come over next time and bring some of her fabric and we will do it together.

She was searching cheap scrubs online and I told her to try this website at  since they have nice scrubs selection for women. She might find the one that she's looking for and maybe she can get an idea on what color or scrubs design she likes.

I knew some of Filipinos who work in the Hospital and Nursing Homes here in Grand Junction area and I bet they are also searching for cheap scrubs online. I would probably recommend this website to them. So if you are looking scrubs for men and women, look for, they have all the scrubs and nursing uniforms that you are looking for, visit now and get your own scrubs, scrub hats, lab coats, shirts, jackets and accessories at blue sky scrubs!

Still struggling

I still have no success on potty training my 2 year old daughter. Last night she did good but this morning, she is struggling really hard. She get so mad and she never stop crying when I put her down to her potty train. She doesn't want to go potty in her potty train, sometimes its very frustrated but I know it takes time for her to learn it. It takes a lot of patience and we will do this routine until she will learn and get used to it. Like my husband and friend said, I need to be consistent and patient. So I think I need to learn to be more consistent and try different things to make her go.

Carnival Cruises

My husband and I travel once every 2-3 years. Last 3 years ago we went to the Philippines to visit my family for 3 weeks. It was fun and memorable, I can't wait to visit them again and see my mom. But this year, this coming August, we plan to visit California to attend convention and also to renew my passport in San Francisco. The rest of the week, we will go to the nice places in California. I am kind a excited but how much more if we go to one of the Carnival Cruises!

I heard a lot about Carnival Cruises and how exciting and fun it is. My friend went to one of the carnival cruises last year and she told me a lot about it. I also see a lot of photos she took and I wonder if we can also go to one of the popular carnival cruises next year. But will see, of course we need to save money for that, I am sure the kids will love it!

Have you ever been to carnival cruises? I am sure some of you do. If you never been to carnival cruises, then its time for you to book a reservation for the hottest carnival cruise vacation! You can visit and check out these hot deals at or call this number at 800-803-7245.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

baby shower memories

I look up some photos in our photo album and see those photos on my little girl baby shower. She was sleeping the whole time and when she woke up, she was grouchy. She even don’t want to go to anyone, she’s with me all the time. When the party is almost over, she was in the mood to say hi to everybody and give them all her cutie smile. Thanks to my friend Kathy who did the baby shower party and making the baby shower invitations. I really appreciate it. She did a good job and the baby shower party was awesome! Dana got a lot of nice presents and we have a lot of friends, brothers and sisters in the congregation who came. I missed those moments and I’m glad I bring my camera that time.

Potty Training

Dana will be 29 months this coming 26th of July. She's at the right age for potty training. We are still on that stage where I need to bring her to the toilet every two to three hours. But two days ago, she did pretty good, she did poop at the toilet but we are still working on taking her to the toilet to go potty because she doesn't like it. She doesn't like to sit down and pee in her potty training toilet. It's a lot of work and I know it will take time until she will learn to do it by herself.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Oro Gold Cosmetics

Who doesn’t like gold? Gold is such a precious essential metal and do you know that gold is also use as a cosmetics? Well, this is my first time to learn about oro gold. I watch the oro gold cosmetics video at, they show how they use gold as a cosmetics and the effective results to it. I wonder how much does it cost? I would like to try one of their cosmetics and would love to recommend to some of my friends. You might like to try oro gold cosmetics, visit their website at and find out how their gold cosmetics works!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Mike never used his blackberry cellphone and maybe we’ll used that when we go for our vacation in the Philippines. I heard a lot about blackberry, they are really innovative especially this new Blackberry Playbook that I found at This playbook has 7” LCD multi-touch capacitive screen. Its lightweight too that makes it easy to grip and use. I bet many businesses owner out there using this kind of technology for their business. You can also use this is a personal, you can do a lot of things with this Playbook. So if you are looking for a Playbook online, look for!

Sensitive skin

Dustin got a sensitive skin especially on bugs and mosquito bites. It swell really fast. He scratch it so much and he always ask me to cover it with bandaid. I think this is normal, my husband got a lot of mosquito and bug bites at work and he usually scratch it until it swell and bleeds. We used benadryl for itch relief and I think it helps a little bit. Good thing that Dustin leg is better now but he got a new mosquito bite in his ears and neck. So, hope it won't get swell a lot but will see...

Jewelry for men

I never seen mike wearing jewelry except with his necklace with our wedding ring in it. He usually took it off when he is working. Last time while were at the store, he was looking for a watch that is indiglo type. He find some but he doesn’t like it. Anyhow, I would like to give him something as a gift. He always give me a gift but I never had a chance to give him one. Maybe when I got my money from my paypal, I can buy him the watch he like. Well, let see if I can find the one I like at the mensgiftideas, I heard that they have great selections of Mens Jewelry. So if you are looking for gifts for your men, visit!