Saturday, July 30, 2011

Got a Princess toilet seat

We went to Walmart yesterday and buy Dana her Princess toilet seat. I let her choose 3 of the design which is Dora, thinkerbelle and Princess. She peak the Princess design color pink and she likes it. When we get home, she put it right away in the toilet seat and sit down with it right away. But still she didn't pee on her toilet seat. It takes a while before she learns how to pee in the toilet. But at least she already know where to seat when she potty. Sometimes in the morning, I am still having hard time putting her on her toilet seat, she cried a lot and always say that she doesn't like it but after that, she will go there again and sit down for couple minutes and flush the toilet. Just wondering if your kids ages 2-3 have the same problem as my little girl? Feel free to give your comments. Thanks!

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