Tuesday, August 23, 2011

web and video conferencing

We’re just done packing our stuff for tomorrow’s trip and right now, I was trying to finish some of my assignments online. My husband also finish his last post on our doggy’s blog. We already got one customer in our dog elbow protector and hopefully we can get some more this coming more days. Anyhow, while browsing online, I bumped to this website at web conferencing. If you don’t know what product they will offer, you can visit their website and see how their software works. They have affordable web and video conferencing software that I’m sure most of the businesses use. If you are interested, please visit and try mega meeting professional for free!

Packing our stuff!

We are all excited for our trip tomorrow in California. We’re just done packing all our stuff. Right now, we are watching America’s Got Talent and after this show, we will go to bed early and get ready for tomorrow! Praying for our safe trip! We will surely have a lot of fun in California, we’ll see nice places in California and will surely go to Red Woods, go to 17 miles drive, ride at the Cable Car and see the Golden Bridge. So hopefully the weather will be nice. Pray for our safeness! Will keep you update when we get back. Happy blogging to all and have a great day!

challenge coin

People like to collect stuff like coins, toys, purses, dolls, shoes and other things. I am sure many of you does. One of my friend like to collect old stuff toys and I bet she has already a lot of toy collection in her bedroom, I wonder what will be her next collection. Well, talking about coins, if you are planning to collect different kind of coins, you might like to visit and try their challenge coin. It’s free coin drawing if you sign up. So hurry! Start collecting your coins now at!

Monday, August 15, 2011

celtic jewelry

Mae West, a famous American actress once said: “I have always felt a gift diamond shines so much better than one you buy for yourself“. I love jewelry and I know most of you do. So if you are looking for celtic jewelry, is the website I absolutely recommend. Their celtic jewelry look fabulous and I am sure most women love this kind of jewelry. Very elegant and a true piece of art. They offer the best celtic jewelry from rings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings and cufflinks. You might like to look at their claddagh ring selection and choose either the white gold and gold claddagh ring with diamond and emerald pointed heart. This will be a perfect gift to your girlfriend or wife. It’s available in all ring sizes!

If you are getting married and looking for a ring on your wedding, you might like their celtic wedding jewelry selection too. Of course all their jewelry are created in Ireland. You can see the quality of each of their designs and the craftsmanship of all their jewelry. Make your wedding day a very special day, full of love and loyalty from the heart of Ireland. So why not follow Mae West advice and buy celtic jewelry gift from irishheart and give it to someone you love?

Working with our new website...

Our website is up now, we're still working with it, feel free to visit and leave comments. This website is all about dogs and the elbow protector that we invent. You can just take a look and tell as what you think. We really need your feed back to this. Don't forget to click "like". We'll keep you all updated to our upcoming elbow protector products. Have a good day!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

GPS for truckers

If you need to know where you are then gps is way to go. You can find great deals on gps for truckers at You don’t need to worry about finding the place to go because gps can lead you the way! Most people prefer to have gps in their car especially when they travel. It’s easy to use than buying and following a map. So if you are looking for an affordable gps then gps truckers from is the one you need. Visit now and compare their GPS prices!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hawaii MLS

One of the Island that I really like the most is the Island of Hawaii. Many people thinks that Island of Hawaii is such a beautiful place to live. Who wouldn’t want to live in a place like Hawaii where you can find a lot of breathtaking views especially their beaches. You will absolutely appreciate the beauty of nature. There are so many attractions in Hawaii that most people love to see and I would love to see one of them someday. No wonder my friend from Denver moved to Hawaii.

Anyhow, while browsing Hawaii MLS, I came across to this website Travel Information Hawaii at, they truly have the information you need. You might get interested to know the multiple listing services, price: listing and selling and also the interesting facts and property listings in Hawaii. For more travel information in Hawaii, visit their Hawaii travel blog at! feel free to leave a reply!

Just for fun!

We just bought our camcorder last Sunday and when we get home, I'm started to take photos and try how it works. It seems pretty good but I still don't know how to adjust the color. The color at this picture is not that clear but it works okay. I took some videos too, you know just for fun. We will use this camcorder in our vacation this month in California and I am kind a excited about it. Can't wait to use it in our vacation!

Florida Everglades

My friend talks about Florida a lot since they been there couple times a year for a family vacation. Her husband took them at the popular places in Florida especially in Disney Parks and do a lot of activities at Everglades. I never been to Florida but my husband does. My mother in law usually visit Florida once a year but I am not sure if she did visit Florida this year. My husband would love to go to Florida and show me how pretty Florida is. He mentioned the Key Largo and Key West and of course Everglades.

I don’t know so much about Everglades, that’s why searching online helps me a little bit to familiar the place. Well, there are so much you can do in Everglades. You might find an exotic wildlife in the area and many people like the airboat ride. Do you? I would love to experience that exciting excursion through the Everglades! I am sure it would really fun. I also consider to live in Florida, I think Florida is a nice place to live. They have great Florida home builder out there and the houses are look great! It might be expensive but I think it’s worth it. I knew some friends that I met online who live in Florida and they are very happy that they found their dream home in a nice neighborhood of Florida Everglades.

So if you want to find out more about Florida Everglades, you might like to visit their website at This place is very rare and beautiful that many people from other country love to see. And of course don’t forget to visit, they are the one you need when you planned to build your Florida dream home. They are firmly committed to building exceptional residences and creating better communities for their customer. Who knows! With the help of kolter homes, you can build your Florida dream vacation home in no time!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Appliance Removal Chicago

Junk take a lot of space in the house. If you can’t do something with it, then you better try to sell it to garage sale or give it to someone. If you having hard time getting rid of your unwanted appliances then you might need to contact the Appliance Removal Chicago. If you leave near Chicago, then this is the right website for you. You can visit their website at They are in their business since 1989. They are a trusted company that you can rely on especially when it comes to junk removal.

Here’s what I like in their service. They don’t just remove your junk but they try their best to recycle and donate to local charities as much as possible. Isn’t that wonderful? Their service is very affordable and they have a lot of fully satisfied clients around Chicago that been using their service. If you try their service now, I am sure you won’t regret it!

Why do it yourself if they can do it for you for less? Don’t waste your time and give them a call right now! House full of junk is not good. Not only that junk takes a lot of space in the house, it also attracts spiders and other bugs. Visit for more information about their service and find out what kind of junk they take.

She know how to paddle now!

Some says that Dana is way too young to ride her bike. But you know what? I think they can ride a bike whenever they are ready. Dana is 29 months old and she already know how to ride her bike. She just learn how to paddle and this is the video I took 2 days ago. Isn't she cutie? Good job Dana!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Big and Tall Clothing

Sometimes it’s hard for big guys to find clothing. You need to visit particular store to get the size you need. Some store don’t carry those Big and Tall Clothing. That’s why shopping online is the best way to do. Why? Well, If you don’t have time to shop, just send your size to them and they will send you the clothes! Isn’t that very easy? If you think finding big and tall clothing is hard, not anymore! You can shop online in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is visit and get the clothing you like that meets your size, style and budget. They have a lot to offer! They also carry a wide selections of shoes and belts, underwear and sleepwear, active wear, summer HQ and more clothing!

If I were you, I will just sit down in front of the computer and order the size you want and wait for couple of days to get your order to deliver. So if you are looking for a big and tall clothing. Look no further because kingsizedirect offer more for less in big and tall sizes! Find out their new arrivals now! They have over 100 new arrivals including NFL apparel, graphic tees, russell athletic dri-power and the guys club. What are you waiting for? Shop now at kingsizedirect!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

dog beds

Do you have dogs? Dogs are just like people. You give them something comfortable, they love it. They want to stay there all the time. What’s more comfortable than laying down in a soft dog beds? Talking about dog beds, funny fur have all the pet products you need, from dog costumes, accessories, apparel, carriers, collars and harnesses, dog furniture, toys and more!

While browsing dog beds at, I saw this nice luxury outdoor bed. They look fabulous! Look at the dogs in the picture, they look very comfortable on that bed and feels like they really love it. They look adorable, I am sure our dog will feel like that too if we can buy them an outdoor bed. They usually stay in their kennel on the day and stay inside the house at night. So, If we put two outdoor bed in their kennel and an indoor futon bed inside the house, I am sure they would love us more! How about your dogs?

If you want to pampered your dog with this comfortable luxury dog beds, look no further because has all you need. You can’t find those luxurious dog beds anywhere, I guess they are only available online. So for more dog beds selection, visit funny and give your dog the best dog beds ever!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meet him at the credit union...

I receive a call this morning from my husband, he told us to get ready and hop on the car and meet him at the credit union office. The kids and I are not ready yet, so I change the kids really quick, put the dogs in their kennel and change too. It was hot day outside but I'm glad the road is not that traffic. While driving around town, I see my husband truck while his turning left in the curve, he's waiting for me and I just follow his truck and we go together at the credit union office. We're applying a new account with my name to it so I'm glad we're done for the day. Of course, its already lunch time when we get done, me and the kids stop by at the Dairy Queen and get a chicken platter with strawberry shake then we went to family dollar to buy some few things. Dana is not being a good girl, she's really crabby so we didn't stay too long in the store, we drive home and eat the DQ lunch and now Dana and Dustin are happy!

video surveillance

There are a lot of violence things going on all around the world. It was scary sometimes especially if you live alone, no one will protect you on that matters, that’s why some household has a security system inside and outside their house. They get help right away when this thing occurs. Even in a small and big businesses, they have videosurveillance. Robbery is very popular nowadays, I just heard the news last night, they rob one of the store here in the area and it’s scary you know, what if you are on that situation? With the help of their video surveillance, they caught the bad guys right away. I am sure they will stay in jail for years.

Monday, August 1, 2011

My Daughter

I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers

My daughter loves living by herself but I just don’t get it. I think it would be much more fun and much safer if she were to get a roommate but she says she likes how quiet it is and she likes being able to keep the house as neat or messy as she pleases. I made her go to Http:// because I was worried about her safety but she seems to think she’s fully capable of handling herself in that townhome! My husband tells me I need to leave her alone, that I’m smothering her, but I feel like since I’m her mom that’s what she expects me to do anyway, right? I think she could save a lot of money on her mortgage by getting a roommate for that second bedroom but she won’t listen to me anyway. I guess it’s not really my place to say who lives in her house and who doesn’t so I’ll leave it up to Karen to decide these kinds of things for herself!

ready to ride...

Dana can't wait to ride her bike outside, she's already riding her bike in the garage. We just bought her a pink Dora helmet and she loves it. She's already know that she needs to wear helmet when she ride her bike as well as Dustin. Good for her! she just need to wait for couple minutes after mommy and daddy finish dinner and when the sun down around 8:00pm, well go for a walk in the block. Are you excited to walk around the block Dana? So just wait for a minute okay? (smile)