Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Meet him at the credit union...

I receive a call this morning from my husband, he told us to get ready and hop on the car and meet him at the credit union office. The kids and I are not ready yet, so I change the kids really quick, put the dogs in their kennel and change too. It was hot day outside but I'm glad the road is not that traffic. While driving around town, I see my husband truck while his turning left in the curve, he's waiting for me and I just follow his truck and we go together at the credit union office. We're applying a new account with my name to it so I'm glad we're done for the day. Of course, its already lunch time when we get done, me and the kids stop by at the Dairy Queen and get a chicken platter with strawberry shake then we went to family dollar to buy some few things. Dana is not being a good girl, she's really crabby so we didn't stay too long in the store, we drive home and eat the DQ lunch and now Dana and Dustin are happy!

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