Friday, September 30, 2011

how to install bathroom tile

I never tried to install a bathroom tile by myself but my husband does. Usually we just hire someone to fix or install the bathroom tile. How about you? Have you done it by yourself? I guess some of you does. Actually my friend and her husband did a really good job on their bathroom. They do it together as a couple and their bathroom turns out really good. It’s hard if you don’t have experience on how to install bathroom tile, maybe you need help with the professionals if you wanted to make it look nice.

Anyhow, we are on the trip here in Alamosa and will stay here for another 2 days, we’re here to look for houses and eventually we didn’t find the house that we like. If we look for a new home to live, we will absolutely check the bathroom and the kitchen. Well, for me it doesn’t matter as long the kitchen is nice and big, they have clean bathroom and of course have a hardwood floor at the living room. If the house needs a little repair then my husband and I need to fix it at least now we know how to install bathroom tile that way next time if we need to remodel the bathroom, then we can do it together as a couple. Helping each other makes the work easier!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Find your dream home in Hawaii!

We’re not sure yet when will be moving but I think next year we will. We already have person from the real estate agent to check this house so that we can put this house on rent. I will surely miss this house, I already love this place but you know, wherever my husband go, I’ll go too.

Finding houses nowadays is not as bad as I thought. You can easily find your dream home directly online. We been looking houses online and so far we had a good results, we just need to visit the town and see the area and make sure they have good neighborhood, near to the store, school and of course quiet and nice town.

Anyhow, people prefer to move next year since the economy is down. So if you are planning to move somewhere where you can have piece of mind with your family and love ones like in Hawaii area. You can count Hawaii real estate at Their featured listings will help you find the house that you wanted. From their website you can search or view the new Maui MLS listings. Don’t give yourself a hard time to find a house or a rented house. Let the professional Hawaii real estate help you with this matter. For more information visit or 1-800-291-5535 or 808-879-3667.

At Pier39, San Francisco

This is my first time to see a sea lion and seals. They are pretty amazing. The kids love it and we really had great time when we visit San Francisco last month. It was a nice trip and hope we can visit San Francisco again next time!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

finding a job

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

I just graduated from college and have been on the job search for about four month now. My friends say that I am being picky, but I really just want to get a job that will allow me to start paying back my student loans and live comfortably. I have applied everywhere from All Home Security to McDonald’s corporate. My undergraduate degree is in public relations. From some places, I have received offers, but the job description seemed like I would just be doing more of glorified administrative secretary work. I really want to be front and center in PR departments and interact with clients or outside agencies. I know that the economy is really tough right now, and eventually I will reach a point where I can’t keep looking. I am going to give myself about three more months before I take anything I can get. I wish they taught a class in college about how to get a job when you graduate! I really didn’t realize that the market was so tough right now. Maybe I should have gone into something where there was a greater demand for workers.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

car gps

People who travel a lot usually have GPS. GPS become very popular nowadays. It’s nice to have one especially if you are not familiar to the City. Without the right direction, you will surely get lost. When my friend move to Denver, she bought a car gps and she likes it. When she wants to go to a place she’s not familiar with, she will just use her car gps. I would like to get one someday, especially that my husband and I are planning to move next year. We’re not sure yet if we will move to a big city or in a small town. But will see. So if you don’t have car gps yet, you can visit, they have great deal on all their car gps.

At Fisherman's Warf San Francisco

This photo taken at the Fisherman's Warf San Francisco. We bought them a seal toy but too bad Dustin lost the other one. I bet he left it somewhere. We really had great time and the kids really had fun too! At the first photo, we're waiting in line to ride a cable car and it took us about 10-15 minutes before we get the ride. It was a long line but its worth the wait! The kids love it and they are very happy to ride cable car especially Dustin! So when we get to the souvenir store, we also bought them a small and a medium cable car for them to play.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

party supply store!

Everyone is talking about parties! I am sure they are all excited about it. Are you? I’m sure you do! If you are planning for a party then is the right website to visit. They offer free shipping on all your orders. They have everything you need for your party. You can choose the party theme that you and your family like. Either its holiday party or seasonal, they have everything covered. You can take advantage of their $1.99 and below supersale!

Actually one of my friend are invited me for her baby shower party next week and the other one is a birthday party too. I don’t think I can make it since because Sunday is our family day and we need to go to Delta to attend assembly. We usually don’t attend any holiday party but when its about get together party, anniversary, graduation and wedding party then we’re in!

So why get all your party stuff at They are one of the party supply store online. You can shop hundreds of sale items and save big at their online store. You can ask for a free catalog or you can sign up to their website and get a special offer, sale notification, new item announcement and more send directly to your e-mail. Visit now and find out what your party theme is!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Photo Booth Rental Vail

Taking pictures is part of my daily routine. I took pictures of myself, my kids, my family and our dogs. I showed it to my family and friends through social networking on facebook. Who wouldn’t want to take pictures? I think it’s all part of people’s lives. When you go for a vacation or for a trip, camera and video camcorder is never been forgotten. Even your cellphone, you can still take pictures on your phone. I keep all the pictures I take and put it on our family album, I also make a scrapbook for the kids, that way when they grow up, they can still see those photos. It’s nice to have old photos, it will be a nice memory to remember.

Anyhow, have you tried the photo booth? I see one at the mall but we never get a chance to try it. I see some teenagers, couple and families inside the photo booth and taking a pictures. It looks like they really have fun taking pictures and wish we could get a photo at one of the photo booth here at the mall. Actually me and my friends are thinking about it. The last time we went there, she told me that maybe we could try to take a picture inside the photo booth next time if we get together again and take it as a remembrance. That’s a good idea, I will surely took one also for me and the kids.

Talking about photo booth, why would someone want to rent a photo booth? Well, since photo booth is kind a popular now and all people like taking pictures, I think renting a photo booth is a good idea. It’s fun to have it especially when you have a party, a wedding or have friends come over! If you want to rent a photo booth, you can visit for Photo Booth Rental Vail. Capture Pod provides a unique photo booth rental with professional quality camera, lighting and printing. They designs their photo booth that is both functional and attractive. So if you are interested and want to rent a Photo Booth. You can request information directly to their website or you can check out the Vail information.

My little captain...

Look at my little captain here! They pretend to be a ship captain! This photo taken at Balcluta Fisherman's Warf, San Francisco last month end of August. The kids love it there, especially Dustin. Dustin was curious on everything and he wants to see some more inside the big ship. They have about 4-5 old ships there and I'm glad we get a chance to see them all. Love the trip a lot and hope we can go back there again someday. My husband like San Francisco and I would love to live there, they have a nice weather, nice city, lot of Filipino lives here and they have really nice downtown at Union Square.

Friday, September 16, 2011

best term life insurance

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Collection Agency you trust

One of the professional services that I will recommend especially when it comes to collection agency is the Kaplan Group. Why? They been in the business for 35 years, they provides a variety of commercial collection and consulting services. They have the best team and have numerous professional collection organization. The best thing is they have in house attorney to help you with this matter. Their expert debt collection attorneys will help you settle the debtor matter, they use their negotiation strategy to collect the large claims and since they provide a free final demand, you can request for that via on line, fax or by mail. So if you are interested and need help from the Kaplan Group Collection Agency, visit and feel free to request a quote or call this number 805-541-2639 for more information.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

at the pool...

Kids loving the pool a lot! When we stay 4 nights at the Courtyard Marriot in Sacramento California, every afternoon or even at night at 8:00pm, we are still in the pool swimming since no one was there. Dana was so funny, you can see at the first photo. She's trying to taste and lick the water. Then Dustin is trying to dip himself under the water. The pool is just 4ft-5ft, it's not really deep, just perfect for the kids. Not with Dana though, that's why she needs to hold tight!

metal building

If you need a metal building company to help you build a storage for your home or business or even a garage for your family RV, car and boat then crown international steel building system is the one you need. They are manufacturers of high quality steel arch buildings. You can see all the models at and see if you find the model you like that perfect for your storage or garage. If you are wondering how much this all cost, you can give them a call at this number 1-800-457-2206 or you can visit their website and get the online pricing.

Friday, September 9, 2011

buy nursing scrubs

Looking for a high quality nursing scrubs? Then you came to the right place! You can find a high quality scrubs at They are highly recommended especially when it comes to medical scrubs. Their scrubs are really popular and all of their customers are very satisfied on their product. Their scrub hats are very fashionable and classy. You can choose either pixie style, pony and poppy style. About their scrubs, they have 16 different colors in both the original and simple styles for women. You can choose your favorite color, style and size.

Why buy those cheap scrubs if you can get a high quality scrubs at I have few friends who work in the hospital, nursing homes and dental clinic. They are wearing scrubs and medical uniforms and I wonder where they bought their scrubs? Maybe at the store or online?

Anyhow, I will absolutely recommend blueskyscrubs to them. They will surely find the scrubs they need. Guess what? They also carry lab coats, shirts, jackets and accessories and all their scrubs are available for both men and women, kids and babies too! Their blue sky kids are look adorable. So what are you waiting for? You better buy nursing scrubs at!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Learn how to swim

Mike is teaching Dustin how to swim. The water is only 3-4ft so its not really deep. Just perfect for Dustin. He really loves to swim even though he still don't know how to swim by himself. Dana having fun too! The water got a perfect temperature, its warm and cozy. I would love to swim with them but I still have my period, so I need to wait for couple of days. Daddy have a good time too playing with the kids. This photo taken at the Courtyard Marriot Hotel, Sacramento California. We stayed 4 nights and 5 days since we had our 3 days convention at Sacramento Convention Center, downtown. After that we're headed to San Francisco to see the City and also to renew my passport.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

swim wear

My kids and I love swimming. Actually when we went to Sacramento California to attend our convention, every afternoon, we went swimming at the hotel since they have outside pool. We stay in Sacramento for 4 nights so the kids really had fun swimming. Mike doesn’t like the swimsuit I got for my little girl because it was little bit loose and we decided to buy her another one. I also brought my old swimsuit that I usually wear on swimming. When we get back to Colorado, I would like to buy a new pair of swim wear.

Talking about swim wear, I found a nice swim wear online at and the price is very affordable. That leopard bandeau bikini is cute. That will be look fabulous on our next swimming trip at Gleenwood Spring or maybe Hot Spring in Ouray. How about you? Got a new pair of swim wear? Well, better look no further! You can get it online for a very affordable price. All you have to do is visit, you might find the swim wear that meets your style and budget. From top to bottom, they got it all for you. Hurry and visit their website now and find your swim wear!

Dustin first day of school

... was amazing! Dustin was so excited, he is very excited to learn new things. He is not shy at all. He give shake hands to all the kids and give them a hug too. He didn't hesitate to introduce himself to everyone. The teacher said, he is very smart kid and very friendly too! Since we been out on vacation for about 11 days and Dustin will be back on school when we get back to our vacation. Last Tuesday, we take him to his class and he was so happy but the problem is, we came an hour early. So we get back to the car and headed back home but then Dustin was crying and he said 'he really want to go to school'. We told him, he don't need to cry because will come back after an hour. We just came early, its my fault though because I didn't clarify the schedule. Anyhow, he was so happy to enter his classroom and he says hi to everyone. That's a good thing, because he was very interested in school and wants to learn more in school.