Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dustin first day of school

... was amazing! Dustin was so excited, he is very excited to learn new things. He is not shy at all. He give shake hands to all the kids and give them a hug too. He didn't hesitate to introduce himself to everyone. The teacher said, he is very smart kid and very friendly too! Since we been out on vacation for about 11 days and Dustin will be back on school when we get back to our vacation. Last Tuesday, we take him to his class and he was so happy but the problem is, we came an hour early. So we get back to the car and headed back home but then Dustin was crying and he said 'he really want to go to school'. We told him, he don't need to cry because will come back after an hour. We just came early, its my fault though because I didn't clarify the schedule. Anyhow, he was so happy to enter his classroom and he says hi to everyone. That's a good thing, because he was very interested in school and wants to learn more in school.

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