Tuesday, September 27, 2011

finding a job

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

I just graduated from college and have been on the job search for about four month now. My friends say that I am being picky, but I really just want to get a job that will allow me to start paying back my student loans and live comfortably. I have applied everywhere from All Home Security to McDonald’s corporate. My undergraduate degree is in public relations. From some places, I have received offers, but the job description seemed like I would just be doing more of glorified administrative secretary work. I really want to be front and center in PR departments and interact with clients or outside agencies. I know that the economy is really tough right now, and eventually I will reach a point where I can’t keep looking. I am going to give myself about three more months before I take anything I can get. I wish they taught a class in college about how to get a job when you graduate! I really didn’t realize that the market was so tough right now. Maybe I should have gone into something where there was a greater demand for workers.

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