Friday, September 30, 2011

how to install bathroom tile

I never tried to install a bathroom tile by myself but my husband does. Usually we just hire someone to fix or install the bathroom tile. How about you? Have you done it by yourself? I guess some of you does. Actually my friend and her husband did a really good job on their bathroom. They do it together as a couple and their bathroom turns out really good. It’s hard if you don’t have experience on how to install bathroom tile, maybe you need help with the professionals if you wanted to make it look nice.

Anyhow, we are on the trip here in Alamosa and will stay here for another 2 days, we’re here to look for houses and eventually we didn’t find the house that we like. If we look for a new home to live, we will absolutely check the bathroom and the kitchen. Well, for me it doesn’t matter as long the kitchen is nice and big, they have clean bathroom and of course have a hardwood floor at the living room. If the house needs a little repair then my husband and I need to fix it at least now we know how to install bathroom tile that way next time if we need to remodel the bathroom, then we can do it together as a couple. Helping each other makes the work easier!

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