Monday, October 31, 2011

food processor parts

We bought our food processor last year and I used it once in a while. This year, I never get a chance to use it again since I lost one of the parts and because of that, the food processor doesn’t work right. But I still kept the food processor in the kitchen and don’t want to throw it away. We spend a lot for that processor and I think the parts won’t be that expensive. I just don’t know where to get those parts, my husband said we can buy a new one but I say no because maybe we can still find the parts that is missing.

Good thing that my friend recommend me the kitchenaid food processor parts at They have the one that I am looking for. Our food processor lost the duet detachable stem and a blender blade sealing gaskets. The price is very affordable and its free shipping too! I will feel bad if we throw our food processor away, so now that I know where to get those pars, I don’t need to worry about it. I can use our food processor again and try those yummy recipes using the food processor. So if you are looking for food processor and blender parts or any cookware parts and accessories, visit

Dustin Lighting Mcqueen Pajama

I bought Dustin a 1 yard of this lightning mcqueen fabric. It's not enough to make a whole pajama, so I end up making him pants since he only like a pants or short jammies. Well, if we can go Hobby Lobby again, I might get another yard of the same fabric to make a top pajama. He likes his new car pajama, he always wear it every night.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


When you enter the house, you’ll see the nice oriental rugs in the living room, in the hallway, kitchen and even in the bedroom. Rugs can make the room look so much better, It adds elegant, beauty and style. There are many different types, size and shapes of rugs. You can choose either classic rugs, modern, designer rugs, shaggy, hallway runners, round, leather, wool, sheepskin rugs, sisal and even kids rugs. Maybe some of you think that this rugs are all expensive but you know what? Its not! You can get the rugs you like in an excellent value for money. At they have budget rugs that you will absolutely like. They have all the rugs that you are looking for. I like the Alpine and Nordic Rugs the most. That will be perfect in the living room. How about you? Did you find the rugs that you like?

Since we have two kids, the rugs help a lot, it minimize the sound and noise that they make. It’s more quieter than usual because before they like to run and throw toys in the floor, we have wood floor in the living room and sometimes at night, the floor gets colder so the rugs helps a lot to keep our feet warm and when we watch tv, the kids are laying down in the rugs then me and my husband are in the couch. So if you are looking for rugs, look no further and get the rugs you need at! There you will find a highly recognizable and famous Persian and Oriental rug designs.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

merchant financing

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My sewing project - Dana dress

Front View

Back View

Another finish project I made yesterday for my little girl. Its a simple dress for my Dana pie. It turns out pretty good. The problem is, she don't want to take off the lady bug pajama that I made for her the other day. It makes me happy to see the outcome of the dress. Can't wait to see my little girl wearing the dress I made. Maybe she can wear it this Sunday in the meeting.

Nursing Aide Jobs

This year, there are many nursing aide students who graduate. Some of them might find the Nursing Aide Jobs and some are not. It depends if they pass the board exam. My friend sister just graduate Nursing and she’s looking for a job right now. Good thing because I knew a website where she can apply for a Nursing Aide and she said she will give it a try. So if you are looking for a Nursing Aide Jobs, look no further! Visit, this might be your opportunity to get the job that you are looking for. Don’t be jobless, there are many available jobs out there, start searching Nursing Aide Jobs right now at!

Friday, October 28, 2011

granite tile

Granite tile is the most popular choice in all kinds of businesses and even residences like to have granite tile installed in their kitchen. Since granite tile is unique, easy to clean and maintain, it also adds beauty and elegance that makes this tile stands out. That’s why this is highly recommended to everyone from property owners, commercial construction buyers and flooring contractors.

There are many advantages and benefits on having granite tile. That’s why either you are planning to remodel your kitchen or beautify other areas of the home, this granite tile countertops will be a perfect choice. If we were remodel our kitchen, I will also love to have granite tile installed to our kitchen countertops. This granite tile will enhance the look in our kitchen and everyone will absolutely love it!

So when it comes to granite tile countertops, you might like to consider buying at, they have all the granite tiles that you need. All their granite and marble countertops are absolutely unique and their team is deeply passionate about providing you the best service as possible. So if you have any questions, you can visit their website at and chat with them live!

Sleep in her crib...

I was having hard time putting Dana to sleep in her crib before since she doesn't like to be in it. So I didn't force her to sleep in the crib. She usually sleep in our bedroom with me and my husband. She sleep in the middle and whenever she fall asleep, I transfer her to her crib but then she woke up and cry. So it takes a while before she started to sleep all night in her crib. This past few days, she decided to sleep in her crib without wining and crying. She just asking for bottle milk and after few minutes she will fall asleep. It's not as hard as what I thought. I think it depends on the kids when they are ready and not scared to sleep alone in their crib.

Ceramic Tiles

Just got a call from my husband, he told me that he will finish the floor in the patio tomorrow. That means we can't go on service. If we started it early, the floor will get dry in the afternoon and maybe next week, we'll start to find Ceramic Tiles for the floor. We have some tiles left that the owner used before in the kitchen floor. If we use that, we still need to find the same tiles that we have. I guess it's not that complicated to put those tiles in the floor. Mike know how to do it and If he needs help, I can give him a hand.

We have some brothers that are willing to help too so will see. Right now, I am searching Ceramic Tiles online and bumped to this website at That country ceramic tiles is almost the same as the tiles we have in the kitchen floor. The cambridge tiles too looks really nice. Well, there are a lot of things to think about when it comes on choosing the right tiles but hopefully we can find the one we need. When we finish the room not before winter, we will probably put this house on rent and maybe we can find a house rental also in Alamosa. Will see...

best radar detector

Looking for a Best Radar Detector? Then you came to the right place. You can find the best radar detector at The prices are very affordable. Their featured product are Escort and Bel professional series radar detector. So either you are looking for Escort, Beltronics, Cobra and Whistler laser and radar detectors, they have all you need. So hurry and visit and take advantage on their Cobra XRS-9970G Radar Detector for only $209.95. This is one of their hot deals online! For more details visit their website and find out how you can win a free radar detector or subscribe to their newsletter for exclusive coupons, promotion and giveaways.

Lady Bug Pajama for my little girl

We went to Hobby Lobby yesterday to buy fabric for Thunder's Elbow Pads then Dana found this lady bug fabric, lady bug is one of her favorite bug so I bought a yard for her so that I can make her a lady bug pajama. Dustin got one too, he found a lightning mcqueen fabric so I bought another yard for him too but it's not enough to make a whole pajama outfit so I end up making him a pants and I'll make him the top next time if we get another yard of fabric at hobby lobby. So here is Dana's new lady bug Pajama that I make last night, she wore it last night to sleep and she even don't want to take it off ;-) I love it too! The color is perfect for her! she is such an adorable little girl :-) Love them both!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Residential Solar Power Systems

The more you use electricity, the higher your bill is. So why not try to save energy by using this new Residential Solar Power Systems. This is the new way to save energy and the cost is very affordable. Nowadays, people are scratching their heads when they receive their monthly electricity bill. It was very stressful, it happens for us too that's why we try to turn of everything especially if we are not using it. We try to teach the kids that whenever they done watching tv or playing computer or using the lights in the bedroom, they need to turn it off after they use it, that way we can save energy. I guess most parents does that too to their children.

But you know there's another way to save energy by using this Solar Power Systems. Most houses, businesses, schools in the area are using this power saving systems. One of the company that I recommend is the Socal Solar Energy, Inc. They are the leading provider of solar energy in California. No wonder that when we went to California for a week vacation, we saw some businesses and houses there that using their solar system. So if you are one of those people that really concerned about the environment and want to save more energy, then this is the right one for you. For free analysis of your home or business contact this number at 877-767-5967 or visit their website for at

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


When we went to San Francisco and drove at 17 miles drive, we saw some people surfing out there. I can’t believe they are surfing in a cold water. It was really cold and breezy that time when we went there and it was foggy too. The big waves are amazing, its been almost 3 years since the last time I see the ocean. I really can’t help but missing my hometown Philippines and see the ocean once a week. Those people really like surfing, I wonder if there is a shark in the area. Well, my husband told me that they are wearing wetsuits, if they have wetsuit on, it doesn’t matter if the water is cold or not. It won’t stop them to do surfing, diving or wakeboarding.

Talking about wetsuits, has all the wetsuits you need, you might like to try the 2011 prime 3/2mm wetsuit. It has advance stretch material insulation from chest down, high performance super stretch EVOflex composite blend of materials and had interior glideskin neck for added comfort. This is the wetsuit you need! Don’t let cold water stop you! Wear this wetsuit from and I am sure you will enjoy diving and surfing more!

the leaf bug

Dustin found this leaf bug in the backyard and it flew in our window. He caught it and he even doesn't scared at all. Well, Dustin like bugs but I just want to make sure that this bug won't bite or hurt him. I told him to let the leaf bug go or he can leave it in the tree.

remote controlled cars

Kids love toys! Who doesn’t like toys? Everytime we go to the store, the kids always want new toys especially my 5 year old son. He like cars a lot, so we try not to give him the expensive one. But he is happy enough to get a hot wheel cars for only a buck. He has tons of car collection in his bedroom and he never get enough of it. He still wanted some more. We Buy cheap RC Cars for him last week and he was very happy. He showed it to his friends and guess what? Her little sister also want a remote controlled cars so we bought them two so that they wont fight.

It was really amazing how this kind of toys make little kids happy. I never had this kind of toy when I was a little girl or even my brother because we can’t afford it. I am contented to make my own paper doll and play with my friends. Now that we have money and we can afford to buy kids their favorite toys, then why not right? As long they are happy and as long they will take care of their toys and not to break it. The only thing I concerned about this remote controlled cars is the battery. Because kids love to play it everyday and the battery only last for couple of days so we need to buy more batteries before it runs out.

deal for fun

I shopped at the auction website before and make a bid on the jewelry that I like. I usually get a great deal for those jewelry and they really look nice. I send some of it to my sister, cousin and niece, they all like it. Maybe I will try it again next time but since I found out this new auction website at, I am not sure if scam or not but maybe I will give it a try.

I like to bid and it’s a good feeling especially if you win the bid in a lower price. You don’t need to pay the regular price on that items. I never tried to bid any electronics stuff like ipad, kindle, laptop or tv. I am sure most of you does, many people like to bid this kind of items since they are all expensive if you buy and pay the regular price at the store. If you lucky enough to bid this items then that would be good isn’t it? Great deal, great items, you couldn’t ask for more.

So if you like to get a great deal with this items, you better start bidding now at They have huge variety of products to choose from and who knows! Maybe you will win one of those items and can get it for a very low price!

Dustin's pumpkin patch

This is the first time that Dustin went on their pumpkin patch together with all his classmates and teacher. He was having fun and he choose the one that is right size for him that is easy for him to carry. Some of the kids give also Dana a small pumpkin just a perfect size for her. It's was my first time also to go in a pumpkin patch and it's not really that bad. I help Dustin to find the pumpkin that he likes and Dana got a chance to see inside the school bus. We just follow the bus when we get back to school. Those pumpkins are really big!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

kitchen cabinet doors

I didn't know that kitchen cabinet doors have different names like the one I saw online at, their top selling are adobe, liberty, shaker, revere, fiesta, patriot, executive and freedom. You can see all their designs directly to their website! This is the kind of cabinet doors I like. But I like the liberty the best, little bit darker than any other cabinets. The cabinet doors we have is just a plain white. We're thinking to change those cabinet doors into a modern type cabinets. I am not sure when but whenever we have budget, we will absolutely do that. But first we have to finish the additional room in the kitchen, we still need to finish the floor and add the tiles in it.

I spent a lot of time in the kitchen that's why I like the kitchen to be look modern and nice. Easy to clean and of course have a lot of space for all the kitchenwares. I think I like the arch raised types of door cabinets. How about you?

Anyhow, if you are planning to modernize your kitchen and change your old fashion cabinet doors, then you came to the right place! has all the kitchen cabinet doors you need. They deliver high quality, customized kitchen cabinet doors built to fit any size. You can choose from their over 50 unique cabinet door styles.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


The last time we went on the fair is when my son was 2 years old. That was 3 years ago! I remember their having a monster jam out there but we didn’t get a chance to see it. Last July, one of our friend ask us if we got a ticket for the concert or we will go on Saturday night to see the fair and we said we can’t. We missed the fair this year but its okay will try again next time, will surely buy some ticket to see the monster jam or the bull riding. Anyhow, if you are looking for a monster jam tickets, sade tickets and a professional bull riders tickets, you might like to get it at the, they have all the tickets you need from all your favorite game show!

swimming swimming!

Dustin was having fun swimming when we went for a 3 days vacation in Alamosa. We stay at the Rio Grande Inn, they really had great restaurant and their water park is nice, I love to go at the big slide with Dustin. They love it! We bought them a float jacket but it doesn't help because they really doesn't like it. They took it off after, but look at Dustin here, he is trying to float himself, go swim Dustin! you can do it! :-)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

outdoor antennas

Do you use hd antennas outdoor? We never tried to use hd antennas outdoor since we don’t have an hd tv. But if ever we will have one, we might need to get a new one. This hd antennas outdoor receives UHF, VHF, FM and HD signals. So you will get the best signal you need for you HDTV. So if you are looking for an outdoor antennas, is the website I will recommend, they have great selections for outdoor antennas for a very affordable prices. You might need to try their channel master outdoor HDTV antennas. For more outdoor antennas selection visit

nursing scrubs

Most people who work in the medical field prefer to wear a solid color on their scrubs. I only seen few of them wearing nursing scrubs with prints on it like an animal or holiday print. I never seen anyone yet wearing a wild animal prints like the one I saw online at They look pretty good! I like the brown one with giraffe print in it. The style is very unique and you can’t see this kind of style at your nearest store. So if you are looking for a purrfectly wild animal prints that you and everyone love, you better check, you will surely find the scrubs you need!

Funny pics of me and my kids

This pic is hilarious! Dana and Dustin are keep laughing while I'm trying to get a nice photo of the three of us. They are so silly that they want to cover the camera with their hands but still I got a nice photo of us, so it's really worth it. I love to see those smile, they are just a happy kids. Love them both!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

costume city coupons

I love collecting coupons online but the problem is, I never use it! I always forgot to bring those coupons especially when we go on shopping. If I don’t use the coupons, I just give it to my friend that way they can use it when they need it. It’s nice to save on shopping sine we spend more for food and other stuff. We try to save money so that we can visit my family in the Philippines next year that’s why this week, I didn’t go out for shopping. Will do then next week when we had extra money for my husband’s paycheck. Anyhow, I know most of you like to save money this year and since everyone are buying costume for the holiday. You might like to get a costume city coupons at that way you don’t need to spend a fortune for a costume!

macadamia oil hair products

I really had a hair problem, my hair is not very healthy and strong. Every time I brushed my hair, I saw a tons of hair in my brush. I am sure if this is normal but my husband told me it is. I think my hair is better now than before. My friend recommend me the macadamia oil hair products from because she’s been using it for a long time now and her hair is truly that healthy and beautiful. Maybe I will give it a try and see how their product works. To find out more about macadamia oil hair products visit!

The kids at Fisherman's Warf Monterey

This photo taken last month when we went to Monterey Bay and stay there for two days. We went to Fisherman's Warf at Monterey and have dinner at one of the finest restaurant there (I forgot the name). It was so funny because when the kids see this candy store and see this big ice cream outside the store. Dana was licking it and dustin was keep laughing so I took a picture of them together. Well, I guess Dana thinks that this ice cream is real hehe :-) she's a funny little girl. They are both adorable.