Monday, October 31, 2011

food processor parts

We bought our food processor last year and I used it once in a while. This year, I never get a chance to use it again since I lost one of the parts and because of that, the food processor doesn’t work right. But I still kept the food processor in the kitchen and don’t want to throw it away. We spend a lot for that processor and I think the parts won’t be that expensive. I just don’t know where to get those parts, my husband said we can buy a new one but I say no because maybe we can still find the parts that is missing.

Good thing that my friend recommend me the kitchenaid food processor parts at They have the one that I am looking for. Our food processor lost the duet detachable stem and a blender blade sealing gaskets. The price is very affordable and its free shipping too! I will feel bad if we throw our food processor away, so now that I know where to get those pars, I don’t need to worry about it. I can use our food processor again and try those yummy recipes using the food processor. So if you are looking for food processor and blender parts or any cookware parts and accessories, visit

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