Wednesday, October 26, 2011

remote controlled cars

Kids love toys! Who doesn’t like toys? Everytime we go to the store, the kids always want new toys especially my 5 year old son. He like cars a lot, so we try not to give him the expensive one. But he is happy enough to get a hot wheel cars for only a buck. He has tons of car collection in his bedroom and he never get enough of it. He still wanted some more. We Buy cheap RC Cars for him last week and he was very happy. He showed it to his friends and guess what? Her little sister also want a remote controlled cars so we bought them two so that they wont fight.

It was really amazing how this kind of toys make little kids happy. I never had this kind of toy when I was a little girl or even my brother because we can’t afford it. I am contented to make my own paper doll and play with my friends. Now that we have money and we can afford to buy kids their favorite toys, then why not right? As long they are happy and as long they will take care of their toys and not to break it. The only thing I concerned about this remote controlled cars is the battery. Because kids love to play it everyday and the battery only last for couple of days so we need to buy more batteries before it runs out.

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