Tuesday, November 22, 2011

baby carrier

Carrying a baby for a long hour is very tiring. I am sure many mommies out there doesn't like to carry their babies that long especially when they are shopping. That's why they provide a baby carrier so that parents don't need to worry about carrying their baby around the store. Well, I guess some parents prefer to have a stroller or a car seat, but did you know that babies like to feel like being held with their mom or dad? I love to carry my kids but not that long, sometimes I put them in the cart or in the stroller. My husband bought me a baby carrier before for my eldest but the one we got is way too small and it makes the baby feel uncomfortable. If we have a hip baby carrier then it would be great because they like to be held when I carry him in my hip and hip baby carrier is a perfect choice for a parent like me.

How about you? What do you prefer, the hip baby carrier or a baby carrier with a front pouch, backpack or side sling? Of course its both parents decision in which one would be the best for the both of them. So when it comes to baby carriers, you might like to visit They have great information to all types of baby carriers. To find out more, visit!

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