Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Kids new train set

Two weeks ago after the meeting, Dustin got a chance to play with his friends outside the kingdom hall and one of them brought his train set. Dana and Dustin love the toy and they wanted to have one also just like that. When I told them that we need to go home, they don't want to go instead they still keep playing the train set. I told my husband that maybe we can buy them a train set so that they can play it at home. I am not sure how much it is because maybe it's expensive but will see. 

We went to Walmart to find that train set and we found the one for Dustin and Dana. We let the kids choose the one they like and both of them they also got a two pair of trains. Dana choose the blue train and Dustin choose the red and green. Dana pick the one who has a tunnel in it and Dustin got the train station and we connect it together. That's how it looks like in the above photo. They love to play their new train set!

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