Wednesday, November 16, 2011

maternity clothes

Last week while I was cleaning in my closet and take all the clothes that I don't wear anymore. I saw all my maternity clothes and I was thinking how to do with all this maternity clothes? I won't be able to wear this anymore since we don't have any plan to have another baby. We already have two kids and two is enough. They are still in good shape, so maybe I will send this to my family in the Philippines and give it to our relatives who are pregnant or maybe will sell it online? I am not sure.

Well, talking about maternity clothes, I love the maternity clothes selection at They are look fabulous and sexy. Perfect for all preggy mommies. Babiesnbellies is your one stop shopping for trendy maternity wear. I will absolutely recommend this website to all pregnant women out there and to my friend who was 7 months pregnant.

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