Saturday, November 19, 2011


Last year on winter, I helped my husband shovel the drive way. We have 3 to 4 inches of snow. My experience was terrible since I don't really like cold and that was my first time to shovel the snow. After we shovel the drive way, my back got hurt and my hands are numb. I told my husband that he can do it next time because I really can't do it in my own. I rather stay in the house when its snowing. I love to see snow but I am not really crazy on staying outside, playing with snow and making snowballs. My kids love it! I took a lot of nice photo of them on winter.

When the temperature drop down to 20 degrees, I really don't want to step outside. Although my kids still love to play in the snow, so I let them play outside while I'm watching them inside. Then that weekend, I was thankful that my husband brought a new snowblower that way we don't need to shovel the drive way, he can just use the snowblower and it makes it easier and faster. Within a minute, the drive or walk way was cleared right away. That was amazing. I am sure we will use our snowblower again this winter.

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