Sunday, December 25, 2011

wholesale products

I love shopping especially if they offer a big discount on all my favorite items. Like last weekend, we shop at my favorite store and we got a good deal for jewelries and clothing. We got all we need and we only spend not more than 200 and we save about 60 bucks I guess. I am sure many people are waiting for holidays because they will get a big discount. Holidays is the best way to shop and save tons of money. That’s why many people prefer to buy wholesale products. They can save money and at the same time they can find the one they need.

Do you like to shop wholesale products? I do, I try that before but then I stop because of the shipping price. Maybe its way too much for me and maybe next time I will try to shop wholesale products again especially now that my friend recommend me this new website where I can find better deal for wholesale products. Maybe I will give it a try and see how it works. Anyhow, I better check my laundry and finish unpacking those boxes before going to sleep and tomorrow or maybe this weekend I will surely find wholesale products online.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

classroom program

This morning, I witness Dustin’s classroom program at their class. My son got a part of the program, he is the one reading the winter poem. He is such a good reader and he did pretty good on his part. There are times that he stop in the middle and say “did I miss any page?” and when somebody tell him to read it louder, he will say “okay…” then he will read it again. It was fun and I am really proud of him. He is very confident and he knows what his doing. After the school program, we did a cookie decorating and of course all the parents are there. I help Dustin to decorate his cookie but Dana already had a bite in her cookie. It was fun and since we are moving, I am sure Dustin will going to miss all her classmates, teachers and friends.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

work trucks

It was so funny when the kids starts to talk especially when they learn something, when they see something, they will tell you right away. They are really smart because the moment they learn those words, they will remember it all the time. Well, it happens to my son, when he was 3-4 years old, he already know the cars and work trucks names like the time when we pick up my mother-in-law at Denver airport. My son saw some of the work trucks up there and he says ‘look mommy it’s a skid steer loaders and bulldozers! What are they doing there?’ I even don’t know the names of those work trucks except the bulldozer of course. Those trucks are pretty amazing! They do the work more easier and faster for the workers. So if you need to buy skid steer loader, you might like to visit, they are the leading used skid steer dealer in the USA.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

sick kid

Having a sick kid in the house is not really good. Parents don’t like to see their kids get sick but what can you do if they get sick because of the season or maybe they got it from school or somewhere. It affects your sleeping schedule because you can’t sleep when they are not feel well. They keep crying at night and you need to take care and watch them all the time. Like my two year old daughter, she starts coughing at night 2 days ago and we’re giving her cough medicine. She doesn’t have fever though but it scares me whenever she cough because sometimes, she ends up throwing up in the bed. On that reason, we never get a chance to go service yesterday, Saturday and only Dustin and daddy went on service then today, Sunday, we didn’t get a chance to go meeting either, so me and Dana stay home and daddy and Dustin went to the meeting. She is really grouchy, she cries and wines a lot. Well, I know why she does that, because she doesn’t feel good and she really needs my attention. Hopefully she feel better soon. Can’t wait to see her being happy again and not being sick. It breaks my heart every time I see her crying. If she doesn’t feel good until tomorrow, I might need to call her doctor and let her in, just to make sure that she is okay.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

cheap scrubs

I had great time when some of my friends came over last Thursday, it was nice to have them. Two of them just got off from work and of course since they don’t have enough time to go home and change, they just wear their scrubs. It doesn’t matter for me though as long they came and that’s more important. Even my husband when he go to the meeting, he is still wearing his work clothes. I really appreciate the time that we all spend last week and hopefully this week, we can still meet and get together.

Anyhow, while were talking about scrubs, one of them ask if I know where to buy cheap scrubs. Well, blueskyscrubs has a cheap scrubs for women. I am sure they will find the scrubs they need. I will absolutely recommend blueskyscrubs to my friends who work in the hospital or in any medical office. There are many scrubs that you can choose but some of them are way too expensive that’s why they have cheap scrubs available for you. So if you are looking for cheap scrubs, look no further and visit this website at  and find the scrubs uniform you need!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

dinghy davits

Many people prefer to buy a high quality products made in the USA than any other brands in the country. There are some people also that doesn’t care about the brands or where the products made, they usually look the quality of the products and see if the products can long last. Well, for me, since I am not really a spender when it comes on shopping, I am not really care so much about the brands since I know there are many brands of clothes, electronics, food items, beauty products and more that is out in the market today. I only choose the one that is more worth to pay for and the one that is not way too expensive. As long I can still afford to buy it.

How about when you plan to buy a boat? Of course when you pay that much, you are also expecting to get a high quality product from the marine industry. That’s why umtmarine are proud of their outstanding reputation, they established for custom crafted marine technology products. They have all the marine products that you are looking for like the dinghy davits, boat davits, davits cranes and more. To all boat owners out there, if you are looking for a high quality marine parts and accessories, this is the website for you. And for boating magazine visit!

Dana's yellow polkadot dress

This is the latest dress I made for my little girl. It was a yellow polkadot dress. Yellow is one of my favorite color and yellow is a perfect color for my little girl, her complexion becomes more lighter when she wear light colors like yellow, orange and pink. She looks very adorable in this dress. I'm glad it turns out really good. Another thumbs up for me! hehe :-)

Friday, December 2, 2011

pos system, anyone?

If you have a busy restaurant or even just a small business like internet cafĂ©, a thrift store, grocery store and other selling businesses, isn’t that more easier if you have point of sale (POS) system? Well, guess what? If you are looking for a POS system, then you came in the right place, has all the pos system you need on your business. Not only that, they also have great deal on their barcode scanner, software solutions and other pos essentials. For more pos system selections visit!

Dana's Potty train

So far, Dana's potty training was pretty good. She already know how to hold her pee at night and woke up in the morning and go to the bathroom and sit on her potty train toilet set. I always praise her when she do that. Before she go to bed, she also go pee in the bathroom. But usually in the afternoon, she get so lazy to get up and walk in the bathroom that's why she ends up peeing her diaper. I don't scold her when she do that, I just talk to her and let her know that it's nice if she pee in her toilet set in the bathroom because she is a big girl now. I think she's learning really well and time will come, she will realize that the best place to pee is in the toilet and not in her diaper. :-)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

caribbean special deals

It’s nice to spend once or twice a year vacation and get away in our busy life and just have fun. Everyone are feel very stressful at their job and they need to take a break. Families, single people, the couples take a week vacation at the place where they can enjoy and forget their busy life. Relieve all the stress by enjoying and pampered themselves once in a while. Some preferred to go in a Caribbean cruise, so if you are planning to do that, you might like to get this caribbean all inclusive packages at I am sure you won’t regret it. Make it a memorable, fun and enjoyable vacation with you and your family. Take advantage on their Caribbean cruise special deal at and save up to 50% off! You can check rates and availability directly to their website!

gift for her

My mom will be 65 tomorrow December 2nd. I wonder what kind of gift I should gave her. I am not really good on choosing gifts but with the help of, It makes it easier for me to find the gift that I am sure she would like. There are a lot of items to choose from and their jewelry selections are all nice too. Well, my mom really doesn’t like jewelry because she scared that somebody will took it from her, I guess I will just add their allowance this week that way she can buy something she likes.