Sunday, December 11, 2011

sick kid

Having a sick kid in the house is not really good. Parents don’t like to see their kids get sick but what can you do if they get sick because of the season or maybe they got it from school or somewhere. It affects your sleeping schedule because you can’t sleep when they are not feel well. They keep crying at night and you need to take care and watch them all the time. Like my two year old daughter, she starts coughing at night 2 days ago and we’re giving her cough medicine. She doesn’t have fever though but it scares me whenever she cough because sometimes, she ends up throwing up in the bed. On that reason, we never get a chance to go service yesterday, Saturday and only Dustin and daddy went on service then today, Sunday, we didn’t get a chance to go meeting either, so me and Dana stay home and daddy and Dustin went to the meeting. She is really grouchy, she cries and wines a lot. Well, I know why she does that, because she doesn’t feel good and she really needs my attention. Hopefully she feel better soon. Can’t wait to see her being happy again and not being sick. It breaks my heart every time I see her crying. If she doesn’t feel good until tomorrow, I might need to call her doctor and let her in, just to make sure that she is okay.

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